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IT Cosmetics

Heavenly Luxe Must Haves Brush Set


Trisha W.
Perfect introduction to IT Cosmetics brushes!

I think IT Cosmetics makes the best softest synthetic brushes on the market. They can tend to be a little pricey which is why this is a great starter set! Plus it has my favorite foundation buffing brush in it! The Blush brush is great for contour as well, and the powder brush is actually one of my favorite bronzer brushes!! I picked this up for a Christmas present for a new to makeup friend. I'm so happy that I can help her start off with the right brushes!

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Ya Ya H.
So worth it !
Ya Ya H.'s Review Image

Really want to have it cosmetics brushes for a long time.But it is pricey ! Finally this brush set come out! Now I can pay less money to buy more it cosmetics brushes! This synthetic brushes are really soft , applying blush,foundation,concealer,eyebrow powder beautifully ! And really easy to clean! Love it!

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Nicole B.
Perfect Travel Set

I purchased this set the day it was released. I had a feeling it would be the perfect set for travel. I was right. It also works really well for those low maintenance days when bronzer, blush, and a little highlight is all you need. Other than a Wayne Goss brush, I don't usually recommend brushes. But I highly recommend this set. Each brush performs beautifully. You will not be disappointed.

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K W.

i like the foundation brush most, it's dense and soft. the concealer brush is great as well. But others...the powder brush is stiff, don't even wanna use it at all. The blush brush has too long bristles and did not apply blush quite well. The eye brush for me is just too big on both ends. Overall not so happy that there're only 2 of them that i could get use out of, and for the price, i think my morphe sets are much better and cheaper. Quite disappointed coz IT Cos is one of my fav fav brands :(

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Jacqueline H.
Not the best

I'm a little disappointed in these brushes. I find them too soft to do my foundation and they are not as dense as described. I like a good dense brush to hold my product and these brushes just fluff it everywhere, especially when some of the eye shadows and face powders are quite dusty to begin with.

Very expensive for what they are. I am glad I purchased the kit instead of the expensive single brushes because I would have been very upset.

At least this way with the $75 I have spent I can find something to do with them and make them work.

The travel holder is fantastic the best part of the whole set.

I just wish when they make a quality product that they would continue that across the board. I sometimes feel these companies are just making a grab for your money.

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Sabrina Dana P.
High expectation on this lead to a huge disappointment

I bought this mainly because I wanted to try IT Cosmetic's Heavenly Luxe brushes. For a high-end brand, I thought that this deal would be a steal considering I get 5 or 6 (one was dual ended) for 75USD.

But no. The box that contained the set heavily smelled like factory or synthetic plastics or maybe glue. Upon checking the box, it was made in China. The bristles are soft yet I still found it cheap. I wish I could describe it more but it really felt cheap. The crazy shedding didn't help either.

Maybe I got a bad batch? I dunno.

Probably the only part I like is the luxe travel case. It smelled terrible but it really looks classy and it also had a small compartment for makeup.

Again, it such a huge disappointment to spend $75 on this. Even selling this for $50 won't be okay.

No, I won't recommend this product.

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Claire P.
Very soft brushes

This was my first time buying such expensive brushes and they do feel very luxurious. The brushes are so high quality and soft, unlike any brushes I owned before. But I dont like 2 out of the 6 brushes. I just wish the bristle of the angled brush is shorter because it is not suitable for blush or bronzer application. The eyeliner brush is not very good as well, its too thin for brows and too flimsy for gel liner. I wish they replace that end with a flat eyeshadow brush.

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Keri P.
It is perfect

This set is compact but still complete in its size. The powder brush is tapered, soft and synthetic. It applies product effortlessly with a perect amount of product. I use it for bronzer and life is so much better with it. I can define my face without overdoing it. Did I mention it's very soft. Gliding on the skin without any issues. The blush brush is dense yet soft again duo fibre,synthentic & angled. You could contour with it, I use it for blush which it deperses enough product to not have you appear to be a clown face. The foundation brush, at first looks to small but have you ever heard that saying, "don't judge a book by its cover"? Totally applicable in this case dense, yet very soft with an alost flat head but more rounded. It picks product up but doesn't absorb it &glided over my skin, even with my peach fuzz it places my foundation on my skin so flawlessly. I use my cc cream with this brush & honestly it gives better results then my beauty blender pro. The handles of these brushes are short but I like them being short as they're easier to use. The dual ended shader brush , I'm not one for these types of brush just because they seem a hassle to clean but all aside it's a marvel to use, it's grest for all type's of shadows including cream shadows which you end up using your finger for. This won't soak up the product & lay's it down on the lid perfectly. Concealer brush is also small but don't let that fool you,easy to use, places product without leaving strips or brush strokes reslly good with bye bye undereyes. I'm totally pleased with the purchase the quality of these brushes are outstanding & the price for the pack is remarkable don't walk away from the option. I have a few higher foundation brushes and this by far is the best of them all. I want to invest in the full sized brushes from the brand.

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Tracy B.
Amazing brushes

These brushes are so soft and sturdy. I think it would be a great gift for someone who needs more brushes, I don't, but I wanted this set. No regrets.

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Jordone  W.
Best Brush set I have ever purchased!

This is such an amazing deal! What a fabulous brush set. They are the softest, long lasting, and right now it is at incredibly good price! I want to buy a bunch for Christmas presents thank you! Nice case :)

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