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Heavenly Luxe French Boutique Blush #4


Jo M.
Best blush brush EVERRRRR

Best blush brush I've ever tried in my entire joke. I'm constantly switching and trying new and different brushes for all types of applications and this brush is the only one (besides beauty blender) I consistently use with every makeup application! Also the only brush I've not switched in 3 straight years now. I tried a different brush because I traveled and I hated having to use my travel brush every just reminds me more of how much I love love love this brush! It applies blush with ease and does the blending for you, making even hard to blend products easier to deal with.The brush itself is light and easy to handle and hold. The synthetic hairs are very soft and have no odor to them. It's easy to clean and doesn't take ages to dry. It doesn't shed even after all the washes I've put it through. The hairs don't get stained by the makeup and easily wash off even after being on the used brush for a few days. I'm impressed! Holds up very well after 3 years of regular use. Also, for how awesome this brush is, the price is very affordable! I'm going to buy a new one here soon just to put away so when this one finally wears out I won't be without my favorite blush brush.I'm scared they may not have this exact brush anymore and I would just breakdown without it. So yeah, I definitely recommend this brush and have nothing but good things to say about it!

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Jessica M.
Best blush brush I have EVER used

I have a very specific preference for blush brushes - I like them angled but diffused enough to blend the blush for me (so no using those dense angled buffing/contour brushes for me). This has the perfect angle and the BEST density - dense enough so that you get a good wash of colour (can't use a super diffused one or I get no colour - Wayne Goss Holiday Brush 2018 is too diffused much as I adore his brushes), but loose enough that you don't end up with stripes as it deposits pigment gently down.

It is very soft, IT cosmetics has some of the best synthetics on the market, and it dries pretty fast compared to the rest of their brushes. I like the tube it comes packaged in, as you can pop it back in safe and sound for travel.

Worth investing in if you like angled blush brushes, as it's great quality and will last and I have yet to find a suitable shaped luxury brand brush (such as Chikuhodo) - I think it's always worth investing in a brush that perfectly suits your needs, it's quality over quantity that wins!

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Susie E.
Love the angle

This brush I have had for close to three years and I still love it. I never look for a new blush brush I love it so. The angle makes it super easy to apply your blush just right and not get too much on. Of course if you choose to use more just layer more on. It has held up well and I would repurchase should I ever need a new one. I definitely don't hesitate to recommend this one

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Jasmine G.
Softest brush I own!!

Alright so I literally bought this brush to treat myself after watching a while ago a review that Kathleenlights did on her channel. I absolutely adore this brush! It is the most soft brush I own and feels amazing on the face. It feels luxurious and love to display it with my other brushes. It applies very well my blush and pick just the right amount of product. This brush worth every penny! love it!

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Jennifer V.
Best brush for blush

This brush is super soft, does not shed, and hugs the cheek so nicely. It makes it super easy to apply on the right area. I have 2 that way when I wash one I have a back up that's how dead set I am on always using this brush for my blush!

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Kerry H.

This is a great brush for a light wash of color. It's amazing how well this brush works with more pigmented colors. It's perfect for layering two different blush colors for the Charlotte Tilbury swish-and-pop look.

If I do manage to overdo it with one of the Ben Nye blushes or something super pigmented like that, I use the It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Powder #8 to blend it out.

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Jamie B.
Cannot Go Wrong With IT Brushes

I have been a long time user of It Cosmetics brushes and I absolutely love them. The quality is undeniable; my first brush from them is 4 years old and I use it almost every day! This is my first heavenly luxe brush from their line and the quality is probably better than their others. It is so luxurious and soft, and still light weight. The shape is perfect for the cheeks; I've used other more round shaped blush brushes and this is so much better. The only "con" is that the handle is long and that makes it hard to travel with because it won't fit in my makeup bags/roll. For application, this product really gives a light wash of diffused color. It makes blending effortless and easy to build up. The bristles are not tightly packed so if you really want a strong color, just know that you will have to build it up when using this brush.

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Federica D.
Lovely brush

I love this brush, the bristles are so soft and it blends the products so easy. I really like this type of bristle, I would recommend.

Monica M.
Fluffy brush nice quality

I wanted to get myself a second brush for when my other blush brush was dirty this one was bigger than my Mac or my Kat Von D. I was going to return it but I’ll just keep it it is a lot bigger than the other brushes overall I’m content