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Bye Bye Pores Pressed


barbara g.
Best powder to set makeup

Goes on easily and quickly to set makeup for a lovely finish. I like the loose version, also but this is easier and is not going to create a mess if spilled.

Elizabeth C.
Smooth & Silky

This is everything I've been needing in a powder & more. Especially since I have dry skin.. It doesn't sink into my wrinkles or fine lines and crease, or look patchy.

I usually wear Coty Airspun, and not sure if it's the shade I got or what, but it was a dry patchy, wrinkled up mess when I looked in that mirror.. (even with setting spray)

I would 100% recommend this or the loose powder by ITcosmetics. It creates a soft, silly, and smooth finish that sets my makeup to last a while!

Ashlee L.

in love with this product and im very picky with setting powders or any powders for that matter and i got this one in an ipsy bag and i fell in love so i had to buy the full product for sure!! i deffintly reccomend this one 🙂

Jenny C.
Best powder I've ever tried

I've always had to put on quite an amount of concealer under my eyes because I suffer from hereditary dark circles. I've tried many powders to set my under eyes in the past, loose and pressed, and only this powder can truly mask the fact that I have tons of concealer underneath. It doesn't look crepey or powdery and the blurring effect is very prominent. It is truly translucent and the most important thing is that it doesn't darken your concealer like some powders do. My favourite way to apply this is to use my beautyblender to really press the powder into the skin. If you're looking for an oil controlling powder then this might not be your thing, I have oily skin but I don't like to powder myself until I'm completely matte so I don't have a problem with applying this to other areas of my face.

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Keri P.
It does it again

A prout that is fin Ely milled & looks white but sets on the face translucent. It sits into my pores or my fine lines filling everything in. I'm 38 & this has been a good product to set my face with you can pick up enough if you choose to bake. I have oily to combo skin type & I found it help keep my skin shine free, kept me slick free & held up my makeup although packing it under my eyes if I hadn't put any hydration to my undereye area would cause caking so I suggest hydrate your eyes. Otherwise I'd happily repurchase.

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RubyFree D.
Not convinced.

I want to try this powder, but as another commenter mentioned - there shouldn't be BHT in this. It's a pretty controversial ingredient with studies showing it's just not healthy for skin. Also, there are too many palmitates in this formula...palmitates are photo and cyto toxic and cause skin aging. Remove these ingredients with no consequence to the overall formula, and it's a winner.

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Tina M.
Amazing product - True to its name!

This product is truly amazing! I gasped when I first used it. I was so impressed. I was worried when I first purchased because I have dry skin and wasn't sure if it would settle into lines or dry spots. Nope, not at all. It blurs lines/wrinkles and just makes my face look flawless (which trust me, its not...) I think this would be a MUST to anyones daily make up routine.

*I apply with a big powder brush *I dust lightly on bottoms of my cheeks (near jaw line), chin, nose and middle of forehead. (pretty much on entire face but I do not dust under my eyes - I use a different setting powder for that) *I don't use any other powder during the rest of the day but this.. This goes in my purse for the day. I use the sponge applicator to apply if needed when I am out.

Oh, and side note - It does not reflect too much light where you look ghostly in pictures.

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Cristina V.
Good but not perfect

This powder is beautiful. It looks great on the skin, and does not cake up at all. Very subtle. It takes away shine very well, but does not actually keep you matte all that long. I do have to reapply on my T zone a few times during the day. This powder works very well when setting undereye concealer though! As far as it's claims on pores...No. I don't find it blurs my pores at all. But it doesn't enhance texture or dry out my skin, so it's the best powder I own for everyday use. Also, it looks great on camera!

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lauren D.

This pressed powder which claims to to make your pores disappear actually does just that. I have very dry to combination skin and I have large pores on the apples and high points of my cheeks. This worked great in my situation and completely made my pores blurred out. The powder is dry to the touch but does not dry my skin out. It reminds me of the consistency of the Nars Crystal Powder. This goes into my top 20 products that work without interfering with other cosmetics.

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Violet R.

Ok, seriously. I didn't really believe the reviews saying this magical powder could magically make pores disappear ... but it does. I don't understand the magical power of this powder but I use it to set my under eyes and my face if needed -mind you, I have dry skin so usually I avoid powders- and this one made my face look flawless, pores are BYE BYE and my makeup lasts forever without caking or looking dull.

You need to buy this. Your family needs to buy this. Your relatives and grandparents need to buy this.

You can thank me later once you try it.

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