Charlotte Tilbury

Life Changing Lashes


Tania M.

Someone has invented a lash curler that doesn't pinch my eyelids. I have used many lash curlers and they are too flat and are very uncomfortable. If you have Asian Eyes this Lash Curler is not for you, it is too curved, stick to Shu Umura or Kevyn Aucoin lash curler. I cannot use either of these, they pinch my eyelids, the Charlotte Tilbury one doesn't. No spare Rubber though

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Lindsay S.

My Shu Uemura curlers were on the outs after loving on them for a few years. I admittedly was pulled in by the beautiful rose gold and design of Charlotte's curlers. I wish I could say I loved them. They are almost too curved for my eye and not long enough. I end up bending the outer corner or inner corner at an odd angle or can't get all of my lashes in. I am the type of girl that really wants to get to the root and I can't do that with this. I think these will be relegated to an back up. Not horrible, but not great either.

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Caroline P.
so-so, don't waste money on these

I was very excited to try these new curlers but I was disappointed, my shu uemera and tweezerman curlers are much better than these curlers. They could not reach the roots of my lashes properly because of the design shape, which prevented them from giving a true curl. Having very straight lashes myself I need something that will really get to the roots and lift my lashes and these just didn't cut it. On a good note, Charlotte's other products are fab!

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Myra  C.
Fits my eye

This is a comfortable eyelash curler. I have no problems. Curls my lashes. I tried other eyelash curlers that were less expensive, and they didn't fit. Shumera is too small for my eye socket. Walmarts eyelash curler was extremely small and too curved.

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Virginia  O.
Eyelash curler

Wonderful eyelash curlers. Very classy too. They arrived in 3 days, reasonable priced, they don’t pinch. My Favorite ever.

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Cassie L.
Too long and straight

I’ve been using the Kevin Aucoin curler for years and years, and it never failed me. I loved the rose gold design of this curler though, and I love almost all of the CT products that I have tried, so I decided to give this one a go.

Unfortunately it’s too rigid, long and straight for me. It doesn’t allow me to get down to the roots to do a nice curl, instead I have to do it in a few different places and even then, it’s wonky and not natural-looking.

I love beautylish and CT but this didn’t cut it for me. Will try to find it a new home.

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