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Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner

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Soksann K.
Smears like crazy

Ok this is upsetting. This smeared all over my eyes at the end of the day. I am still on the search for an eyeliner that dont budge. Ardecy this is disappointing for me. Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner is better heck even Sephora brand. It is smooth and glides on easy but I looked like a racoon after a few hours.

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Christina S.
The best

I have tried every eyeliner under the sun. This is the ONLY one that doesn't move. And I mean not at all! I use Dior eye makeup remover and ot still doesn't budge! Will definitely be buying the other colors.

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Trisha W.
Great inky black long wear liner!

This is my new favorite black eyeliner! I feel like everything ends up smearing or smudging on me at some point in the day. Not this one! I can wear it all day without smudging! It's super black and glides on like a gel liner. So there is no tugging, skipping or pulling! I love this eyeliner!!!!

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Whitney L.
Super dark but smudges

This is the creamiest, darkest, most pigmented eyeliner I have ever tried. It's nice if you want to do a smokey eye, but for every day tight-lining it smudged on me really bad.

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Tiarah L.
Ardency Inn Modster Smooth Ride ModeratelyCharged Eyeliner

I love Jaclyn Hill (YouTuber) and she swears by this eyeliner and says that it's the blackest, smoothest, and longest-wearing eyeliner she's ever used and I disagree on parts of that. So it is super black and does go on very smooth, but it wears off SO fast. It doesn't last on me but for a couple hours before it will appear as though I'd had it on for a whole day. I've also tried it on my top lashline and throughout the day I saw that it transferred and smudged. That being said for it being right around $20 and a bit more high-end I expected that it would beat out any drugstore eyeliner, but it definitely did not.

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Molly M.
Best long lasting eyeliner out there

Such a fanatic product. I've never seen an eyeliner hold up so well on the waterline. Definitely an item I will continue to repurchase.

Queila  C.

I bought the black one and let me tell you that is the best eye liner I have used, I use it for my water line and some times to do a smoked out wing liner and it last hours now I need more colors :) I recommend it 100%