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Lilly D.
I really wanted to like this...

It's cute but honestly the price is too high for this. It's TINY which I don't mind at all. because you can slip it in to your purse with the little dust bag it comes with.. however, if the design was more intricate on the back or it wasn't just plastic material, it would be worth it.

The combination of the plastic, the size, and the lackluster back design makes it feel like it's for kids honestly. The plastic isn't a bad material, I've gotten Jeffree Star mirrors in the past which are made of plastic and they are huge and hefty and are worth the price. This mirror needs some embellishments or something to make me get excited to use it.

Save your money. I really hop the Anna Sui team improves their products like these.

Marina B.
Зеркало как из сказки

Сколько же времени я ходила в Японии вокруг стендов ANNA SUI, но так ничего и не купила. И вот наконей-то нашла это сказочное зеркало здесь!

Amanda P.
Photo of product included with review by Amanda P.

I LOVE this mirror! It is so adorable and really nice quality. Yes, it is small - pay attention to the description and photos to get a sense of the size but it is big enough to see your face and parts of your hair at the same time. I bought it to check my makeup close up without magnification and it is perfect for that. The size also works for me because it won't take up so much space on my vanity or in the drawer. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again if I needed to.

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Echo D.
Love love

This mirror is adorable. I am crazy about Anna's style. I look forward to getting more.

Bree K.
Nice mirror not sure if its worth the price

The mirror is cute but I seen replicas that look almost the same. Thought it was something unique to this mirror. For this price I could of just settled for a replica for half the price.

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Tami Z.

I've been looking for this for ages! A light weight mirror that still looks fancy! Love it! This is a perfect mirror to show your clients how beautiful her brows look. Great for Estheticians makeup artists!

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Christine L.
Good things in small packages

The shape and design of this mirror takes me back to when my grandma would get her makeup done in her vanity. She always had that big mirror, but she also had a hand mirror like this one for detailing.

The mirror is normal, no magnification. You know how hard it is to find a regular mirror that doesn't warp your face? Thankfully this is a plain mirror with no gimmicks. The mirror size roughly would fit your palm. It is lightweight. The velvet bag is a really nice touch. You clean your mirror and simultaneously feel like an old Hollywood movie star while removing it from the bag.

The grip is a tad small for me, but I have ham fingers. I rest my index finger on the back of the mirror to improve my grip and steady the mirror's balance on my hand.

This mirror makes me feel dainty while I double check my eyeshadow is properly blended and doesn't look crazy.

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