Beauty Product Reviews

I absolutely love this foundation!!! I probably need a cool tone because the warm is a little pinky which you wouldn't think it should be with a warm color. This foundation is thick and dull coverage but doesn't cake up and looks flawless on my skin. It blends well down to my neck and doesn't leave lines. I have a contour video that I use this with on my YouTube channel. Check it out here and subscribe to keep up!

This is absolutely one of my favorite new products! I love the fact that I only need one brush swipe to make this stuff totally worth the 30$. I love the packaging too. I do need to apply it later in the day but it is small enough to travel in a small bag and it is definitely better to apply in public than dabbing your face with blotting papers all day.

I absolutely LOVE this concealer!!! It is such an amazing finish - not dewy but not completely matte. It has such a lasting power and it really covers up my face. On my YouTube channel , I did a contour and highlighting video to show how I made this work. Check it out!!!

I am obsessed with rebel. It is the perfect fall shade! It isn't a matte color so it isn't drying on your lips. Make sure your lips are perfectly exfoliated so you don't get any little rough patches to make this look flawless. I wear this with any fall colored outfits and it really makes my lips look beautiful and full. Check out my blog to keep up with what reviews I do next!