Beauty Product Reviews

I love OPI and own a bunch of them now. My favourites tend to be Conney Island Cotton Candy, Funky Dunky and Do you think I'm Texy. I've found they don't easily chip and they go on smoothly (Though I do have a tendancy to forget to wait until they're dry before doing stuff). My only complaint is the price, they're $17-18 in Australia which is pretty pricey for nailpolish but I still buy them anyway.

I have naturally thick and wavy hair so straightening it is always a bit of a pain and it rarely holds. This spray helps my hair to stay straight for 2 days rather than 3 but I still really like it. I don't feel it's too thick or sticks to my hair too much. Downside is that it's pretty pricey at $16.99 for 103ml in Australia but I do like it as a heat protectant and I never leave my hair unwashed for more than 2 days anyway.

This is my one and only Benefit product and I love it. The bright colour is fantastic on my lips, however I don't really like it on my cheeks. I use this one pretty regularly and once it's all gone I will be sad but I honestly probably won't repurchase as here in Australia (where everything is too expensive) it cost me $55 which is also the reason I haven't tried any of their other products.

I've bought this same product 3 times now and while I've tried other things in-between purchases but this still stands as my favourite and when the one I have now runs out I'm going back to the shops and buying it again. As an added bonus it smells fantastic.

This is the first Lush soap I have ever bought and I love it. It smells so good and when it runs out (not for a long time though) I am definitely going to repurchase. It smells delicious when you put it on but the smell doesn't linger on my skin after I've had my shower so it doesn't mix with any perfumes that I'm wearing during the day. Love this soap!