Beauty Product Reviews

Quickly defines lashes

I have short stubborn lashes and this mascara gives me some length, defines, and separates quickly in one coat. I like to use this when Im in a rush and just want to make my lashes visible without much effort. On the downside its not very volumizing and doesnt seem to hold a curl for me. The formula doesn't weigh my lashes down but they become more straight instead of holding the curl.

Why didn't I buy this sooner?

I had heard about this product a while back but put off buying it for a long time due to the fact it contained shimmer. For the most part I prefer matte products on my cheeks. I finally picked it up one day and then fell it love with it. I absolutely love this duo. Although both products contain shimmer when applied they create more of a glow than a full on shimmer. The contour shade is great for my skintone and although the blush is very light it gives just the right amount of warmth to my face. I love using it to travel because it has both a bronzer and blush instead of me taking two separate products. Overall I love it and use it a few times a week.