Beauty Product Reviews

I love the gold shimmer this primer has. in the spring sometimes I just wear it by itself. I like the fact that it's so pigmented and so creamy! I would recommend this to everyone if you love the gold color on your eyes.

the smell of this perfume is amazing!!! I got a sample in the mail and the next day went and bought some. and I feel it's really long lasting through out the day. two thumbs up for me :)

I love this so so so much! I got some for my birthday from sephora and I just love it! I use this everyday for highlighting and it's very shimmery!

I first bought the travel size one at ulta and I loved the way it made my lashes look, so I went and bought another. but I really don't like how hard it is to wash off... the only thing that I felt helpful was olive oil and water.

I absolutely love this lip balm! I've had three of them and I just fell in love with it after I bought the mint one. I defiantly recommend this product. I just bought the tangerine one that other day.