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Aug 28, 2013

djdc d.

Nobody asked for your opinion on hair color they asked for opinion on haircut. Mkay?Mkay. Bye ^_* @Ariana M.

Aug 24, 2013

ariana M.

Nobody asked you for what you think
And no need to get all in my business

Aug 20, 2013

Bonnie W.

Gorgeous :) have an amazing day xox

Aug 9, 2013

V P.

OK. now don't make fun of me but do you play or have heard of the Japanese game from konami called Tokimeki Memorial Girls side 3rd story? So ashamed to admit I play but I'm trying to find someone who also does lol -_-

Aug 9, 2013

V P.

Omg Hi! your the only one to answer about being Japanese! I have an embarrassing question to ask, but to initiate I have to know. Do you play video games? D's?

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djdc d.

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