Beauty Product Reviews

With a baby Louis Vuitton under her underarm........

Fits in the most impossibly small handbags. This is “FUN-sized!!” I have Douglas; Joaquin, Evan, Colin, graham & Julian for boys & girls I have Dakota, Isla & Katherine for girls (so far). This is the best lipstick on earth!! Smaller size = smaller price!! Who ever finishes a full sized lipstick anyways. These are creamy & moisturizing, wear well & long. Sleek luxe packaging. My fave!!

This is amazing! I own beauty glow, natural beauty & seductive beauty but beauty glow is my fave. Gorg. color selection. I love all of the colors. I love Filmstar bronzer & highlighter which is what is in this palette. Desk. Dusk. Disco! This palette has you covered for all occasions.


These come in a matte mini 3 pack idk why Beautylish isn't carrying them I got my mini 3 pack of K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipsticks from them that got me hooked on Tilbury. I got Red Carpet Red & Bond Girl on order I made a huge order like $$$ worth of lipsticks, lipliner, & an eyeliner. In the mini set I have Amazing Grace, Very Victoria, & Red Carpet Red ehh I wanted to get V Victoria but my friend steered me towards some Kissing colors for nudes valentine, B Perfect, & Pene Pink. I got lip cheats to go with each. These lipsticks are bomb asf they don't dry out ur lips, nor make them dehydrated & shriveled. a great lipstick right here worth every penny. I normally don't really care for mattes. But I love CT mattes. Colors are all awesome wish I had them all but I went on my fr.'s recommended coz she's a tilbury expert of sorts lol

Awesome awesome awesome!

I have a lot of these (10 or so), I went to Jeffree's site for the latest restock last saturday 10am PST I was there stalking his site hitting refresh repeatedly & Yanno what, Hoe Hoe Hoe & the lipscrub were removed from my cart coz evthing sold out literally im 30 seconds! I saw on the makeup board on makeup alley that beautylish had some of the colors so I debated about 48 or so hours then I decided I was overthinking it & ordered. SO GLAD I ORDERED!! I had ordered an Inglot 77 gel eyeliner b4 so I'm a repeat offender were I mean customer but i knew beautylish was a top notch site. From the lux wrapping & hand written note oh & samples I very much enjoyed to the cellphone updates this is an awesome site & I received my lipstick a day b4 my Saturday-ordered JS lipsticks & I ordered from beautylish on Monday + thxgiving holiday still got my lippie on Friday! OK if you've been wondering the color it's great for a Gwen Stefani inspired lip. It is a metallic red w a little duochrome in certain lights u can see pink & purpleness & glitter this is the wildest lipstick color l own (yes I am that boring), if it's still available I wouldn't overthink it just get it!! If you can't get it & are jonsing for a good red then Redrum is his other good red. HHH is so festive thou! Would be gr8 for an office work party. Or if ur work environment isn't too conservative wear it to work, wear it to a concert or your kid's Xmas play....a night on the town. If u never ordered a JS lipstick I suggest Celebrity Skin (beige nude) or Redrum (strawberry red) or wait till feb 2016 & buy androgyny (it's being added to the permanent line up), those are all safe bets & I'm sorry but I am doubting that any1 is gonna get their hands on HHH or Doll Parts except eBay (the green & the white lipstick still available & wait for feb '16 for androgyny) coz they were limited edition & Jeffree said I was told that when they sold they are gone forever! Which makes me doubly glad I got HHH, Doll Parts & Androgyny this week so I didn't miss it darn limited editions but if u get a chance to buy any of his holiday lipsticks on the off chance beautylish restocks or fleabay I highly recommend HHH & Androgyny especially (Doll Parts is good too). My mom essentially expressed same sentiment same idea I said which is "why doesn't he just make more! He'd be rich, ppl want these!" Irdk. Anyways his lipsticks are a treat! Apply to bare let melt in & dry, shellac 2nd coat (use thin coats 2 is better than 1 thick gloppy coat), b4 it sets do Cupid's bow smooth it around once it dries it will be slightly tacky/sticky but you can barely feel ur wearing it. It's kind of mousse like texture when applying. Doesn't leech out moisture from the lips. Comfortable to wear. Skip temptation to slick on a gloss over top u will wreck the integrity of the lipstick. Remove w Sephora oil lipstick remover. Happy hoe hoe hoeing! merry Christmas best wishes for the new year thx 4 reading. I was NOT given this product for free for the purpose of reviewing this dang thing cost me $23 w shipping of my meager funds!!! (Lol)

Not just for cold sores!

Everybody needs one of these! I prefer the tub VS. the stick, it's creamier & thicker to me. As long as you treat it in a sanitary manner & like all personal care products reserve use for yourself only then you should be good to go. I recently have been having painfully dry, chapped, overexfoliated lips, tried a bunch of everything & this little gem was the only thigh that helps. You can feel it sinking in, working & healing! It may not have designer flavor or gimmicky cute packaging, but I will keep using this daily. Highly rec'd!!