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Natalie D.
All you need in one pallet!
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It's the most perfect pallet. It has the eyeshadow shades I wear most frequently and the matte smoke shade is a somehow glowing bronze, With zero shimmer. I was scared of the swish shade, but it's GORGEOUS when sheered out. The highlight is the best I've ever had & the bronze is perfect to contour and bronze with. I was hunting for something like this and my fiancee was sweet to purchase it as a gift , I am now interested in the other makeup in her line! bad picture but I love the way it looks

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Rowen W.
Loveeeeeee ittttt ^@^
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How do I like it? I LOVE it, and I was wondering why it took me 4 days to consider buying it or not ^^;. Every colors in this palette is beautiful and at first I thought that the blush no 5 will be too dark on me ( It cosmetic cc cream fair/light skin tone). But with a light hand and simple blending , the blush blends so gorgeously with the no6 pop shade. I can't say enough of charlotte tilbury blushes or products. They r so buttery and I will keep on searching them forever. Grab yours b4 u regret it ><;...

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Lina W.
all in a pallet
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It's perfect, and blend like dream! I think the most interesting thing about this pallet is the color present is different on different people. I use it on my friend whose skin tone is fair it looks like more in pink side, It's kind of like gold and peach. But I use it on my mom it more like a brown tone, just so gorgeous!如果你的预算只够买一个CT的产品,买这个盘是最划算的,眼影腮红高光修容都在一个盘里,而且有个大镜子,能够应付所有日常的妆容,不同的人用出来的颜色有点差别,不过都非常非常美!!

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Michele W.
Best Instant Look In A Palette So Far!
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I really really like this palette. The four face products are absolute perfection. The #4 Cheek Swish color is so unique and gives the skin the perfect sunburnt effect. And I really like the shadows, but the #3 matte darkest shade doesn't apply very nicely. It blends away and doesn't build up. But all-in-all if you're looking for a travel-friendly, compact makeup companion for weekends or day trips, this palette is perfect!

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Coleste D.
Great Quality, Fantastic Value and Amazingly Versatile !!

This was one of the first products that I tried from Charlotte Tilbury and it is fantastic. Its perfect for travel as its got everything you need in one easy compact ! Its also a great way to try out a good range of her products. The bronze shade is absolutely perfect for my skin tone, and the highlight shade is just the right about of glow (not too intense, its great for daytime or casual night time events) If I had to say one thing is that I'm not a huge fan of the all the shimmery eye shadows, the smoke shade is the only matte (but I overcome this by also using the bronze shade as an eye shadow) I usually skip out on blush but after getting this palette I have realised how wrong I have been ! Also if you are wanting to create a fresh summery look, use the swish and pop shades on your eyes as well its fantastic !! I think I need to order a few as back up because I'm already about to hit pan !!

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Sarah H.
AMAZING! My Go to Palatte

I love this palette. The colours are so incredible and pigmented, they blend easy and you can get a dark intense result or a soft dewy look with ease. I am so glad I brought this after thinking about it for such a long time, its incredible and every time I use this product I fall more and more in love with the quality of this palette.

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Brandy J.
Do not underestimate...

when I first received this palette, I was underwhelmed and thought, "I have all of these shades a hundred times over". However, I did not let my first impressions prevent me from giving it a shot, as I always give everything two tries before making a final decision to keep or not. The first time I used this palette, I was kind of in a hurry and feeling a bit lazy so I thought, why not? The look I got with this was simple, tasteful and glowy. I really feel as if it were one of my best makeup days. I have since used it several times and to expand eyeshadow options, I have also used the face products as eyeshades and I continue to get amazing results that last all day. As a matter of fact, it seems as the day carries on, my makeup looks better and better as it melts into the skin. Not trying to sound braggadocious but I own tens of thousands of dollars worth of makeup and I am always wanting to reach for this palette. I do have fair skin so I am not to sure how the shades will work on other tones. My daughter has medium skin and I have been trying to get her to try it out so I can see how it wears on her. I will update my review when it happens. This truly is amazing!

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Elizabeth G.
Love it!
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I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury's. I have been dying to get my hands on this palette and it doesn't disappoint. The colors are amazing and go with almost all complexions. I wouldn't use this if you were really dark. If you're on the fence about this product, don't be. Buy it. I simply adore it.

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Abby W.
Favorite Instant Look Palette Yet!

I am a HUGE fan of Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics and have the Natural Palette and the Seductive Palette and have to say, this is my FAVORITE! This works perfectly with my light to medium skin tone and it definitely gives me a GLOW! One of the reasons I love Charlotte is that she puts together comprehensive 'looks' that are easy to use and look. The pigmentation of this palette is beautiful. The eyeshadows are creamy and easy to blend. The swish and pop blush is gorgeous!! Highly recommend this palette!

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Courtney S.

This is hands down the greatest palette I have EVER used! I adore everything about this. The powders are very creamy, have a light texture, and they all blend beautifully. I hope this is available long enough so I can get more than one to have on hand :)

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