Beauty Product Reviews

I love this palette.!!!

During the sametime of me buying the 120 1st generation palette I also got the 120 2nd generation palette and I'm glad I bought it. Again it has a large amount of colors they are pigmented. With that being said I have the ability to create many different looks with this item and I love that.!!!! Also it's very inexpensive. Good quality for a low price and I love this palette for everyday use I also like this palette better than the 120 1st generation palette for some reason.

I love this palette.!!!

The 120 1st generation is one of the best palettes that I have purchased so far the colors are really nice, and pigmented lots of colors great for the price I will be ordering more.

It's okay it gets the job done

This make up remover does not work for everyone I have heard good and bad things about it but I decided to go ahead and give it a try and so far I'am not dissapointed I also did a review of this product on youtube.