Beauty Product Reviews


I recently purchased this primer about a month ago I believe and I love it. I also have the urban decay primer and I find that the Lime Crime one works a bit better than the urban decay one but I love them both. It really keeps the colors vibrant and fresh looking throughout the day and night.

I really like these gel liners. I have not tried any other brands but I love the ones from INGLOT. I have a coral orangey color and the black one. I haven't experienced anything bad with them and I use them a lot. Very creamy and easy to work with.


I have some swatches on my blog:

I love OCC lip tars and they are definitely worth the money. They are super pigmented and a little really does go a long way and you get a lot of product in the little tubes. I absolutely love these lip tars. At the moment I only have 3 but I will be getting some more soon =]

I use the Fix+ for many different things. I use it to set my make up to finish my look. I use it to refresh my skin. I also use it for wet/dry eye shadows and also to make eyeliners out of my eye shadows. I love love love this product and definitely recommend it.

I own two Lime Crime lipsticks, Mint to Be and Cosmopop. I do love both colors, Mint to be looks really nice on my skin tone but I am not sure how often I would wear it but I love the color so I bought it anyway. Cosmopop I love the color but the unfortunate thing about it is that I wasn't able to get a nice smooth even coat on my lips but when I photographed it, it looked amazing and it didn't show the unevenness, which is weird but I guess a good thing? I have swatches but I can't seem to find the pictures but you can find them on my blog:

I love this product, it works wonders! I might be a little biased though because I have not tried other glitter glues. This one is very tacky when you put it on and it really holds the glitter in place and the glitter stays! When the glue has dried you don't feel any stickiness or anything like it, just feels like another eyeshadow on your eyes.

Erase paste is the best concealer for under eye dark circles. It works amazing and you don't need to use a lot of product to get enough coverage. I have a mini erase paste that came in one of the Benefit sets and I have used it so much but its still not finished! I don't get enough sleep and I get really bad dark circles and this really helps take it away as if I never had dark circles.