Beauty Product Reviews

An interesting buy. I bought this after I saw a beauty guru use it in a video because it seemed like a fast and easy way to get a quick brow. I do not do much shading because I Already have thick brows so it was good for that, but the brow side is difficult to apply if you're looking for a darker tint. I do like the highlighter side. I use it for my brow bone and nose to get a little highlight. I would not repurchase though


Love this palette. I use it daily for both subtle and bold looks. I am a neutral eye type when it comes to shadows and this is perfect. I even got my mother one too!

Got this oil in a tarte gift set for my birthday. At first I didn't know what I was going to do with an oil because I already have oily skin, but my god. When I mix this with my clean & clear moiturizer, the results are amazing. Settles right into my skin and softens it. I use this at night before bed. It's a but pricey but there are samples of it.

I'll tell you! I never I mean never buy mascaras like this because I shy away from the tiny bristles of the wand, but this mascara here is great. I don't know if it's the formula or just the type of wand but I absolutely love it. Gives great length, but one thing I would like is a little more color. Great for lengthening not so much definition, but I use other mascaras with this one and it's perfect.

I enjoy the packaging, but for me the product is not so great. It does what it says it would, moisturize. I am more of a medicated balm person only because my lips get so chapped. I recommend it for moister and good packaging!

I received this as a gift from a friend because of my obsession with giant mascara wands. Like everyone, my first thought was, "what the? This is gonna be amazing" and it was. I already have long lashes to begin with and my eyes are a giant almond shape so big brushes do not intimidate me, being so close to the eye. It is an amazing product and I saw great results, especially when used on top of another product. I would definitely buy and recommend.