Beauty Product Reviews

This is not a good product for people with oily skin like me! I spray it on my face and within a few hours my face is shining like no other and it makes me look like I am all sweaty and gross. This is a good product for eyeshadows and pigments; just spray on brush and it works wonders for that and of course people with dry skin!


This is kind of pricey but worth it. I have oily skin but I use this as a moisturizer and I love it so much. Amazing product. It makes my skin soft and firm and not oily!

I just bought this product a few days ago and I can't believe I never wanted to buy it before! I love it! I use it every single day whether it is for a base or concealing. This paint pot does wonders and I recommend everyone gets one!

I am in love with candy yum yum. Such a beautiful color for everyone! It is very matte and stays on all day. Sometimes it stays on for a few days for me if I do not wipe it off! The color pay off is amazing.