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Beauty Product Reviews

It's a sponge.

The Beauty Blender doesn't work any better than your personal technique (be that a brush, a sponge, or your fingers). I use a damp wedge sponge to apply & blend my foundation.

Works as claimed.

There's a lot of confusion about when in your make-up routine you should spray. After applying your moisturizer, foundation, concealer, & eyeshadow, shake the De-Slick and spray in an X and then a T. Fan your face for a few seconds, & give it a minute to dry. Apply your eye liner, mascara, and powder (pressed or loose), and finally, your lip product. I have an oil well for a face, & this makes my make-up last the day, through many flights of stairs and bus transfers.

You can obtain the same results by improving your make-up application. Blend ladies! And loose powder is a staple!

**This spray isn't suppose to be an oil reducing product - it's formulated for your make-up, not your skincare routine. Its role is to set your products.

Perfect clutch companion, & the colours are beautiful! You xcan easily build intensity & it isn't a sticky product. You can blend it out with your finger for a more natural, just bitten lip or layer it for a shock and awe factor.

Aside from loose powder, this is the only product I use on my face. I blend it with my moisturizer between my fingers, and then smooth it on my face in upwards strokes. If you need more coverage (and I often do, with my moderate acne prone skin), warm a tiny amount up in your fingers and apply again to your red spots. It's stupendously light and creamy. I use the darker shade to save me from contouring with bronzer.


An absolutely beautiful liquid liner pen. The tip is perfect for that subtle, sultry cat eye flick, & the product is black black black! The staying power alone is enough reason to invest in this liner!

First Love

This was the first liner I tried, & I always go back to it. It's a daily staple, and it's always in my purse. You can smudge these on the lid which make amazing eye shadow bases.

The best

I have dry, chapped lips, & I'm also always on the go. These lipliners survive through sweat, wind, snow, & rain, & they don't bleed into the creases of your lips. The colours are pigmented and creamy, & I don't need to top them with a gloss or lipstick since the liners are so workable.

These are fabulous. You get the benefit of a lipstick without the heaviness. The colours have a slight sheen, & they're all buildable. My two favourites are Rose of Attraction and Made It Mauve.


This is a stupendous eye shadow base. Dust your lids with loose or pressed face powder before applying, & the tackiness of the cream clings to powder shadows. A small dab in the inner corners and on the arch of the brow bone go a long way.

Oh my gold!

Wonderful texture, gentle shimmer, & long lasting. This is the shade I use the day after I long day at work or college, or if I have a coffee date. It opens up the eye and fakes a fresh face.

It's a fabulous primer for other shadows - it warms them up and makes powders last.

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