Beauty Product Reviews

Baked is the prettiest copper-color that really compliments many eye colors. I have blue eyes and this stays on all day and really brightens my eye color. This eyeliner stays put when you place it even on your waterline!

Lasts all day.

Since I'm quite fair, I bought this in dollface and all I can possibly say is that IT'S AMAZING! It gives me a subtle flush of color on my cheeks and it lasts literally all day. I really want to get it in Natural Beauty and Exposed as well.


I put this on before bed after putting honey on my lips to condition and in theory, plump them as well. I love this; it leaves the best cooling sensation, similar to the Tarte one. Keeps my lips moisturized until the morning (:

I love this thing! I have it in honeydew and summer fruit and it's amazing! It moisturizes my lips, as it should and it keeps my lips soft all day long!

Super-Pigmented Neutrals!

I found out about from macbarbie07 and then I noticed the products list and saw the naked palette. I've been wanting the naked palette but it's never been in stock, but just for fun and out of curiosity, I clicked the link to get it off of the Urban Decay website, and it was there ! I'm so glad that I bought it, and I bought one for my friend as well! There are twelve super-pigmented neutrals that are great for everyday makeup, smokey eyes, and nighttime looks. It comes with a Good Karma brush now and that brush is stiff and the size is medium-large which is perfect for applying your colors, just buy a separate blending brush. I tried using the GK brush for concealer and it works perfectly!