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Gentle but EFFECTIVE

I'm always very hesitant to try any chemical exfoliant because many times they are too harsh for my sensitive skin, but since this product contains mostly PHAs I gave it a try. The first night I tried it I mixed a drop with my moisturizer and immediately felt some tingling and noticed some redness. I haven't used a chemical exfoliant in a long time so I was expecting it to be a little uncomfortable.

Extremely glad I tried it out because the next morning, my skin was extremely soft with improved texture, even some red patches had faded! I've used it a few times since and my skin is becoming used to it so it's no longer uncomfortable to apply, and results continue to get better! Making this a permanent 2-3x weekly step to my skincare routine!

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Pleasantly Surprised

I was curious about this product when it launched, but wasn't overzealous about getting my hands on it. However, I've recently been on the hunt for a new foundation and decided to give it a try.

I don't exclusively shop "clean" makeup brands, but the added skincare properties in this formula are a plus. My main skin concerns are redness and dryness/dehydration. I have a pretty solid skincare routine that I like, so I don't mess with it when trying new foundations.

I applied this after my skincare routine and used my fingers which was suggested by rms. It goes on smoothly (no pilling even with a sunscreen as a last prep step! and didn't sink straight into my large pores) and has a dewy finish that looks really natural. A little goes a long way! I did apply powder in places I didn't want added shine. I'm super lazy when it comes to touch ups and expect a lot of performance. At hour 10 of wear, there was a little bit of product break up where I had applied a few additional layers to cover redness around my nose and chin. A lot of times with other foundations, by end of day my face can look a little blotchy or I wonder where the product even went, but this one really held up! The best part is I didn't have that end of day can "feel my face" type of dryness!

I think this would work really well for someone looking to even out skin tone while maintaining hydration as well as a "your skin but better" finish. So pleasantly surprised that it's my new favorite!

Worth a try for anyone looking for a more natural moisturizer option!

I'm always looking for a great, mostly "natural" moisturizer to add to my routine and this one caught my eye with ingredients that help prevent skin damage and premature aging. Although nothing works like a retinol for signs of aging, I didn't notice any additional fine lines starting to form after using this for a solid 4 weeks. Overall, it's one of the better "clean" moisturizers I've used and wears well under multiple foundations. I'm giving it four stars because I was hoping it would provide more moisture for me, but I find that I need to keep an oil targeted for hydration in my routine. Lastly, it does come in a smaller jar than I expected, but a little goes a long way and I expect it to last me a full 4-5 months with twice daily usage.

Super Cleansing/Gentle/Sensitive Skin Approved

I was pleasantly surprised by this cleanser. I typically find that cream cleansers leave a film on my skin and don't do much by way of taking makeup off. This one leaves my skin super soft and thoroughly cleansed! At night, I remove my makeup with a cotton pad and micellar water before cleansing. This cleanser is so good, I can actually skip my first step and who doesn't want to cut down on their nighttime routine?! My skin is pretty sensitive and I have mild rosacea that flares up pretty easily with different products and this product works well for me!

Surprisingly Great!

After reading a ton of mixed reviews, I finally took the plunge and am so glad I did! First off, you have to properly prep your skin. The formula has a slight powdery texture at first touch, so using a serum before is key otherwise it could look a little dry on the skin. I have sensitive combination, acne-prone skin and this foundation is great for all over coverage or spot concealer. After a week’s use, my skin actually looks better than ever. It truly is skincare with color. Don’t be afraid to try it based on all the mixed could end up being one of your favs!

P.S.- I find it best to apply with fingers as it warms the product and helps it melt into the skin.

This actually works really well on my fair skin when lightly applied with my fingers and blended super well. I find a lot of bronzers turn out very orangey on me, but this one is great! I also like it as an eyeshadow for quick definition when I'm feeling lazy or rushed. Like other reviews, the shimmer is non existent when blended, so it doesn't look unnatural at all!

Best Moisture Replenishment!

I use this when my face has that tight, dry feeling after being exposed to toxins in the city air. After using it as directed for best results, my face feels rejuvenated and has more when you actually get a full 8 hours of sleep! Definitely recommend to those with combination/dry skin.