Hydrabio Mask


Leah F.

This makes my skin look like it does after I get a moisture-replenishing facial. I use it after I wash my face and before I apply any other skincare. Remove excess with a cotton pad and some micellar or rose water.

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Sharon P.
Best Moisture Replenishment!

I use this when my face has that tight, dry feeling after being exposed to toxins in the city air. After using it as directed for best results, my face feels rejuvenated and has more when you actually get a full 8 hours of sleep! Definitely recommend to those with combination/dry skin.

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Enrique G.
Wonderful skin moisturizer

As someone with not too many skin problems or an issue with dry skin often, I found this product to be surprisingly helpful and soothing for my skin. I initially thought I did not need to buy skincare products but I was clearly wrong! This product has made my face a lot less dry than normal and I don't think I can go back now. I would definitely recommend this product to others because it works really well and the scent of the creme is bomb.

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Morgan M.
Dry skin relief!

I have dry eczema prone skin and getting the tight dry feeling to go away is nearly impossible! This instantly made my skin feel calm and comfortable. I highly recommend to those who suffer with eczema or very dry skin!

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