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Becoming my most used palettes

I have both the Imperial Topaz and the Pearl Moonstone palettes. I use Topaz more often but I find the textures in both palettes to be similar, although the Moonstone mattes can initially apply a touch patchy. (Just build and blend, tap, tap, tap, and it all comes right.) The tones and textures are like no other shadows I own. They sheer out, they blend, they build, and they never EVER make my lids look crepey or dry or crinkly like many of my shadows can, either as soon as I apply or if built up too much. I’m 48, and fine lines and loose skin around my eyes is a thing. What’s so cool about this formula is if I build too much in an area, I can blend it away to basically nothing , but once I’be finished the look, it wears like iron. It doesn’t budge. Like almost zero creasing for hours. No raccoon eyes. And these shades create beautiful looks. Even a quite dramatic smokey is easy to achieve without feeling unwearable.

Great cleanser and light exfoliator!

This is a great cleanser! I use it as a second cleanse after removing my makeup and/or SPF with an oil based cleanser. This cleanser is easy to use, gives me an enjoyable cleanse, and really cleanses my pores. I just massage it in lightly for about 45 seconds, and it gives great slip. It rinses clean, and my pores feel like they can breathe. I enjoy other powder enzyme cleansers, as well. This one has a fantastic price point, and it contains no harsh grains that irritate or damage your skin. It’s a total winner. Plus, it’s not a liquid, so it’s completely TSA friendly and perfect for travel.

Great cleansing balm! But it contains polyethylene

I love this cleansing balm. It’s a wonderful first cleanse, and it takes all my makeup off easily. Nice experience. I would repurchase, except that now I know polyethylene is really bad for the environment—specifically, oceans and marine life. It’s a form of micro plastic. Heartbroken, because I would whole heartedly recommend it except for that. And now I’m on the hunt for a more ethical, yet still effective alternative.

Leaves a film

I really wanted to love this cleanser. The ingredients looked good, and I see so many are raving about the brand. Unfortunately, my experience was not great. I use a cream or milky cleanser in the mornings. I’m looking for a cleanser that does not strip my skin, nor irritate it—I’m 47 and have normal to dry, very sensitive, breakout-prone skin. This cleanser leaves a film. I only used it a few times on my face because I think it broke me out, as well. Not using it again. Oh well.

Beautiful mini palette! Perfect for travel or everyday

I love this palette. Plenty of neutrals and mattes, a deep brown for creating depth, and beautiful blushes with a pop of purple for play. Viseart quality means every shade blends and builds easily, shades blend, and looks last all day.

Agree, more of a hydrating mask

I purchased this as a cream cleanser. It works well after I’ve exfoliated, but it leaves a film—hence the mask thing. I haven’t found it to be that beneficial for my skin type, which is dry-combo, sensitive, and acne prone.

Beautiful sophisticated glitter

My favorite glitter eyeshadow is New Moon by Chanel. This is not that. It’s shinier, sparklier, and much more topper/foil. But it’s a beautiful topper/foil. And as a topper, if you use it sparingly, it can bring magic to a matte base.

They are right—it’s amazing

Glass skin, yes. Blends out to look like wet skin in no time. I’ve got other Natasha Denona highlighters and this one is better. And I love the others. I bought the light to medium for summer. I’m gonna need the fair one. Nuff said.

Yes! Just yes

This is finally my favorite Biseart palette. Perfect for travel. Beautiful, complex colors and color selection. I love both Biseart shimmer formulas, but this one is stunning and highly pigmented, smooth and buttery. Just yes.

Good hair day in a bottle

Two bottles actually. Can I live without these styling products? Yes. Does my hair look so much better when I use these? Yes. No question. And the smell is the best ever. Dry shampoo for excess oil and volume. Dry texture spray for volume and and soft piecey goodness. Best products for fine hair on the market.

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