Beauty Product Reviews

Very good

I used this all during the winter, I LOVE it. They need to make some more colours so that I can use it in the summer though. Doesn't make me break out and it's just worth every penny. I can use with moisturizer for less coverage if I want to or none at all for more coverage. Worth a try for sure.


UGH this just smells like delicious candy and it sticks on you all day! Not only that but it lathers well and everything. I'm glad it's in lush all year long or i'd probably be one of those crazies to buy an entire soap brick! mmmmm I love you rock star soap.


Wellll I got these HOPING it would look exactly like it does in the packaging on my eye. I did a quick swatch on my finger and BOY did it look amazing glitter but still looked dark. I DIDN'T BLEND IT OUT. Silly me...cause when I was blending it for a smokey eye the next day...what happened??? It just looked black and I had a face full of glitter.

Meh....nice colour?

I have Electric Blue, which I am enjoying and it does make my lashes a bright blue, the only thing is it doesn't give volume and it doesn't lengthen much either...just clumps everything up. The wand is a little big for me and my baby lashes. If it wasn't for the nice colour I'd probably rate it lower.

Lovin' it.

MMMM I love these things. Lots of product, inexpensive price! It's very shimmery if you apply it dry and then you can get a cool metallic look if you apply it wet. I have 3 of them they are all just amazing and I look forward to more. They don't crease on me. warningg: If you aren't into sparkle you won't be into this.

Perfect buttt...made me break out.

I love everything about the product and it's a great price, loved the colour on me and it wasn't TOO shimmery for my taste. BUT it made me break out like crazy (and I NEVER break out) . I wish I could wear it... :(

It's pretty good.

I've used it a couple times in the summer and it's definately not heavy duty for this kinda weather BUT I must say other times it worked better. It does have a strange colour that makes me look slightly greyish or greenish...not sure exactly what that is but it does cover up everything very well. They should just help our tanned/darker skinned sistas and make something just a tad darker.