Beauty Product Reviews


I don't usually wear blushes because my skin flushes a lot naturally (a.k.a is ALWAYS red) but I decided to try this one. I was AMAZED. The creamy, memory foam texture is great, and the blush is slightly sheer, so it doesn't go on super thick. It also is very build able and blend able. I have found the best way to apply this brush is with your fingers. Brushes and sponges ruin the texture of the blush. Use two fingers to apply. Definitely one of my all-time beauty faves!

Fab color!!!

I LOVE this blush. Easy to use, and it's not overpowering. It can be a little sheer though, so if you're looking for a darker color you tend to use the blush faster. Shop around for cheaper prices! I bought it at one drugstore, only to discover it was several dollars cheaper at another. Still love it and plan on purchasing more :)