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Beauty Product Reviews

In love!

I have ''extreme pink'', ''Extreme sky blue'' and ''Extreme blue''. I am in LOVE with these liners. They ARE bold, metallic, long lasting, and SHINY! They don't smear, they dopnt budge.

(You DO need an oily makeup remover to take'em off, but its SO worth it!)

Ice, Ice, baby.

I have this gloss in ''Pink Ice'' and I have to say, I'm not a big fan of the color. But the smell, texture and look of it? Total addict. I'm going to purchase more of these. They're long lasting, shimmery, they dont feel gritty even though they have loads of shimmers in them, NOT sticky AT ALL. (Plus, I have to say the packaging is alsoof my liking.)

Loving this gloss -xXx-


I always look for the colors that go out of the box. the red lipsticks shades in these lipsticks are all great. The color payoff is intense, it lasts through practicaly a whole day at school without fading. Makes your lips feel moisturized.

The only thing about the red ones, is that they DO stain my lips a little. I dont hate that thoug, but just something to think about. :P

Favourite Mascara. Yep!

This thing is THE.BOMB! Not only does it volumize AND I also feel like it lengthens a bit, The packaging is just so cute xD The square-ish wand gives us an easy grip! The formula of the mascara is just perfect, not to thick, but enough to make your eyelashes look fuller.



Lately, there was a collection of paintpot, right? Well I was on the fence about them. I mean, whats the point of paying 25$ with taxe (Québec, Canada), if it does the exact same job as the NYX shadow sticks, those are 6$, why pay, right? BUT I was given ''Nubile'' as a present, and therefore used it.

I then fellin love, is that weird? It NEVER creased on me, doesnt look caky even if you put like five layers on. Its UH-MAZING! -xXx-

Waterproof love?

Ok so, when I first tried this mascara( the non-waterproof version ) I HATED it! I felt like I wasted money on it. I've always hated waterproof mascara, but I needed it last week.So I bought the waterproof falsies, just to test. to see if I'd actualy like it. weird? I loved the waterproof formula. its not a plasticky feel like most ones. I still like other mascaras better, but I AM going to use this one up!