Beauty Product Reviews

My favorite.!

This is my favorite foundation, I only wear foundation to cover my freckles. This one works wonderful &lasts all day long & stays in place.! I wear glasses sometimes, with lots of foundations it rubs off where the nose pieces are, with this, I don't have that problem.!

I really love these eyeshadows, I feel like the only down side is the eye shadows individually are kinda small, they're also very Shear. I understand that some of them being glittery that's kind of the goal, I was just hoping for more of a solid color on some shades.

I bought the lavender one, I completely fell in love it smells absolutely amazing, it feels wonderful, & when you're done shaving Your skin is so soft.! The consistency is thick, which is very nice, I really have nothing negative to say about this product .!!


I use heat on my hair every single day because it is very thick and curly naturally, before this shampoo &conditioner, my hair was seriously dying. I Absoutely love this, I would recommend it to ANYBODDY. there is no such thing as miracle hair growth, but if you keep it healthy it'll grow faster, this...sure does the job. I had cut my hair to my collar bone six months ago, now it's mid back. ilove this stuff.


ilovee this chapstick, my absolute favorite one is the mint one which is the bluee. it leaves your lips feeling fresh and minty. it is an amazing feeling. (: