Beauty Product Reviews

Absolutely love this!

This was the first product I ever used from Lush and I was given a demo in the store and I really liked how it made my skin feel so I had to buy one. It can be super messy but if you break it up before you get in the shower it's a lot easier and you don't waste any product. I put it mostly on my hands, elbows, and knees and then use whatever is left all over my body. It's amazing, it makes my skin so soft and it smells amazing. I'm glad I got sugar babe and not sugar scrub because I think Sugar Scrub would be too rough. I would recommend that people use this in the shower and not the bath and to use the scrub after shaving to smooth away any bumps.

Nice Shadows

I have Electrified.

This eye shadow duo comes with two colors that really complement each other. One of the colors is a goldy taupe color that has a tone of shimmer and is very good to brighten up a boring everyday look. Combined with the dark purple it makes the perfect dramatic/nighttime look. I love the golden color and I think it should be noted that the purple color is not exactly as it appears in the pan. It turns out as more of a dark grey/brown/purple color. It is very odd. But I still like it. Overall I really love this duo and I think that it's super great but I do have to mark it down a star because the purple color doesn't turn out the way it should.

Horrible to Use

I have white out, the solid white polish. This nail polish is not great. The brush is horrible and it's very difficult to use and really doesn't add anything special. I really only use white for when I want a white base for water marbling and it's very difficult when your base color doesn't work. I will definitely be searching for a better white polish.

LOVE LOVE the Smell

My first impressions of this cleanser were that it smells amazing, the smell is somewhat citrus. I also thought that the scrubber was really cool and I love using that. After my first use I knew the exfoliation worked and my skin felt so smooth. I love this wash and I would repurchase.

Pretty Good for being Drug Store

Over all this is an ok primer and is pretty good for being a drug store product. Eyeshadow does not crease when this is on. The downside is that it doesn't strengthen the color like other primers do.

Not worth the money

I was recommended this by one of the employees at Sephora and they said that it was amazing and I would notice instant results. I was extremely disappointed. Not only is it pricy for a face wash I really didn't notice any difference. I was told it would help clear up some black heads I get around my nose and it did nothing for them. Honestly if it weren't for the fact I lost the receipt I would have returned this. The only thing I like about this was is the terrific minty smell I love that. WILL NOT BUY AGAIN