Metallic Eyeshadow Duo


Mandi F.
Been using it for YEARS

One of my favorite makeup products to date. The pigment in this is AMAZING. It lasts forever. The silver is amazing. This is my smokey eye go to.

Donna T.
All are terrible.

I bought several of these eye shadows.. I really wanted them to work. I kept thinking maybe I just got a bad color. These eye shadows are just straight up terrible. Save your money and go buy NYX, I don't think it's that much more expensive (at least here in Alaska it isn't!) These shadows are really powdery, they have no pigmentation or lasting power whatsoever. I don't even like the packaging.

Arait M.

Well my review is a bit one side...If you're looking for a great silver for a dramatic look or just to give a little sass then this is definitely it. If you really want it to look dramatic then apply it with the sponge eye-shadow applicator. However on darker skins it may need to be toned down a bit and also if you just want a bit of sass apply it with your finger tip so that it warms up a bit....I absolutely dislike the black portion of this product, maybe it because of the sparkles in it and I really like a nice matte black...so if you like a little sparkle in your black then this is definitely for you.... Hope this helped

Bachii R.
Metallic Dream

im crazy about makeup that really POPS and i love silver metallic so this baby was soooooo for me, it actually even stays on in the shower unless you really wipe it off with remover

Angela V.

I love these Metallic Shadow Duo's they give an amazing color pay off and are in a lot of great colors. They make for a perfect smokey eye or just use one or the other for a single shade look on your eye

Storm G.
Nice Shadows
Photo of product included with review by Storm G.

I have Electrified.

This eye shadow duo comes with two colors that really complement each other. One of the colors is a goldy taupe color that has a tone of shimmer and is very good to brighten up a boring everyday look. Combined with the dark purple it makes the perfect dramatic/nighttime look. I love the golden color and I think it should be noted that the purple color is not exactly as it appears in the pan. It turns out as more of a dark grey/brown/purple color. It is very odd. But I still like it. Overall I really love this duo and I think that it's super great but I do have to mark it down a star because the purple color doesn't turn out the way it should.

Sicily J.

I wore the "Gilded" for my junior prom and I was so pleased with this product, the colors are already well pigmented but when I added a primer I felt like I was in the movie Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor (that was the mind frame it put me in). Its not too expensive either. Great and long - lasting.

Kristen A.
Photo of product included with review by Kristen A.

L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Professional Metallic Shadow in "Charged" is very smooth with little-to-no fallout. Each shade is very pigmented and blends easily. Both shades are shimmery, though I find the bronze-y gold shade to have a bit more than the brown, and with good reason - I believe the brown wouldn't make for as good a crease color if it were too shimmery. Both shades wore all day and night for me without creasing.

While I enjoy both shades in "Charged", I think the brown is the stand-out shade of this duo. Many a company and palette has a bronze-y gold and while you may not find an exact dupe elsewhere, you're bound to find one similar. However, the brown in "Charged" intrigues me. I find it captivating with its reddish tones and bronze/golden sheen.

I truly enjoy L'Oreal HiP duos, and their Metallic Shadow in "Charged" is no exception. The pigmentation of the HiP shadows is exceptional and I have yet to find one that performs undesirably. In my opinion, "Charged" seems like a duo better suited for Fall and Winter, though I wore these shades in the dead of summer without looking strange, so to each his/her own!

Novinda B.
The name does not lie!

If you're looking for highly pigmented shadows, this is the product to go to! It is EXTREMELY pigmented, which may be too much for some people as it can create problems if you want to tone down your look. This product needs primer before it or some kind of base, as it can crease. Overall, it is a good product that is very affordable.

Adanna L.

Really like this, especially for the black. Its really pigmented and the silver is METALLIC. Dont use the silver that much, but I always use the black especially for a smoky eye.