Beauty Product Reviews

Fave bronzer!!

After looking at this for months, I finally ordered it and am only bummed that I waited so long! —natural, not shiny/sparkly..loving it ❤️

NOT neutral as color is named..

I SO WANTED to love this- so much so that I tucked it away to see if it would 'work' at a future time. Unfortunately, despite various methods of application, it STILL looked ORANGE-Y...not neutral tan(as the name of the color implies). It is not very creamy and dries fast too, making blending difficult. ---on a positive note; IF it were not orange-y and was a good color, I'd of liked it/ its other qualities.----sigh....;[...MAYBE I will try to mix it with something to make this color better but that is beyond my level of


I heard this was great...had high hopes but unfortunately I found it not at all great for me!'s streaky and the entire 'tan', not just the initial 'tint' washes off in the shower right away. .....I have Med Olive skin .. the color was ok/not orangey but definitely nothing fab about this. I'll stick to Lancôme self tanner/tinted gel. This stuff cannot compare..

Really is great

..I've never gotten so many compliments after using this.. I put mask on and it was like a fairy waved her magic beauty wand after I went out and about with the lasting, glowing after affects of mask..