Beauty Product Reviews

I love the the colours are definitely what they promise do be and they suit everyone. There are thousands of colours and shaded. I know they are 5 pound but they last you ages and they are worth it

It was good but it did dry my lips out a bit. I love this product still because you can fix that with lip balm. The colours are really good and the one I picked out went great with my skin tone. I would definitely buy it. I did borrow it from my mum a lot doing never was mine but isopod love to own my own.


I love this eyebrows kit. It is the perfect match for my eyebrow colour and really looks very natural. 100% recommend it! I got with my birthday money and I had used like forever now. It has lasted me ages and it very cheap.


I got this for me and my best friend and it's ok but it is very sticky. It would be good if you weren't wanting a expensive makeup kit. I wouldn't get it again


This nail polish is really nice and it is amazing for summer. The only down side is that for me it needs two coats but it is very chip resistant and fun to look at. Sound weird but it's true. I recommend this to everyone specially in the summer

I love them

They are really good and my fave is sweet mint but I have to admit I think the only reason they are so hyped up are because the packaging. I personally love them and they are so handy. I would definitely try collecting them all