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these colors are amazing and go so well together. they are incredibly pigmented and highly blendable. i have no idea why this useless little brush is in there though. i actually took it out to use as a lip brush! but, everything else about this palette is fantastic, as with most urban decay products, i highly recommend it. a lot of eyeshadow palettes have a few sucky colors that they just throw in there but not with this mariposa palette, EVERY single color is usable and beautiful! totally worth it.

Depends what you are looking for

If you are looking for an amazing eyeshadow primer, check out soft ochre, or painterly, or groundwork. This is very sheer but it's a pretty color, great for a very very simple eye look. Also, it can be used alone and is a pretty color by itself. Doesn't hold the eyeshadow as long as the others and has a much different consistency. This was the first paint pot I ever bought and it was totally amazing.......until I got paintery. But still, I always repurchase and use it for my simple "whatever" days lol

Can't live without it!!!

I use this every single day! this is my one and only primer. its a cream and dries to an opaque powder, covering darkness and those little eye lid veins and it will make your eyeshadow stay ALL DAY LONG!


I like this product, but I don't love it. To be fair, I know many that love and swear by this but for me, it didn't do a whole lot but give me a dewy finish. There are other uses, which is why I actually rated it 4 stars. For example, before applying my foundation with a 187 brush, I like to spray the brush itself (so the brush doesn't absorb ALLLLLL the product, and it makes it easier to blend/work with), also, when applying a lustre/shimmer eyeshadow when you spray the brush and then apply product, it comes off super pigmented and lasts a very time.

You can't buy just one!

The mineralize skin finish natural is amazing. If you are looking for light coverage or a setting powder, this is definitely your number one! I have a few lighter shades that I use to set my under eye concealer and as a highlight, medium dark to set the rest of my foundation, and give me sun or dark deep as bronzers. I have even used dark deep as a warm toned blending color for my eyeshadows. Love this product, love the packaging, and it will REALLY last!

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