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Jul 30, 2015

Abby G.

Btw, I read all the way though your about me! :)

Jul 30, 2015

Abby G.

Following!! I love your hair!!

Jan 31, 2015

Leslie D.

Wow thank you so much! I Seriously Appreiate you sharring your story with me & giving me advice <3 I just work out today using Julliane Micheals work out Dvd but I got soo tierd after 15min! but ama keep having breaks until I can do it. Probably my worst habit is over eating :c I eat and eat until there's nothing left lol which us bad I know, I weight 251 pounds I was NEVER this big, before I got pregnat I weighed 180 maybe? but I had a lot of butt/thigh & not so much tummy. By 9 months I weighed 280 , when I gave birth I droped to 239 & now I gained it All back :c it sucks bc my self esteem is so terribly low its crazy, I now have a double chin lol -.-, but I will follow your advice and tips and ofcourse keep you updated! thank you soo much for making me feel better aswell :) your beautifull!!

Jan 29, 2015

Leslie D.

Heey leslie :) love your name lol I was reading your bio and saw that your on a weight loss journey , How Did you change your diet or typical exersises?. I'm seriously overweight -.-

Jan 08, 2015

Camila S.

Hey Leslie!! Just saw your profile and follow immediately! =) I am myself on the look after an internet buddy, I got a friend a long time ago but she suddenly disappeared and since then I've missed an internet buddy I can talk about all and nothing with. I can see we share some if the same point of views + struggles. Don't really know what else to write right now but stay beautiful yourself! =)

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Leslie N.

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About Me

Leslie Ann umm I'm not the best at explaining myself soo... -I'm obsessed with hair- dying, styling, maintaining -Love watching netflix. pretty little liars fan btw - Dedicated athlete (dedicated, not actually good) -I'm on the talk session 24/7 mostly just reading cause I don't know much lol -I love making new friends though! Someone should contact me and be my internet buddy like asap. -On a weight loss journey right now. Lost 35 pounds this summer. I've had an overeating problem for the longest time and I stayed overweight no matter how much physical activity I participated in until I changed my diet. Now my skin is better, I'm feeling better, and I no longer think it's impossible to be confident in myself. -I also struggled with some acne. I tried a lot of stuff *you can ask me about a lot* but I eventually went to the dermatologist and got a topic and an oral treatment and it is true that it "gets worse before it gets better". I was depressed because it wasn't working and I spent so much money on it and my anxiety is what made it very hard to treat. As of today I have very minimal breakouts- they are mostly hormonal breakouts. I'm still dealing with some blackheads on my nose though, stubborn little things. - I like being different. More unusual so I don't follow "trends" or whats "in". So yeah, going with the crowd ain't ma thing. -I want to thank you everyone who helped me in this community. I would name them but there's so many! I wish to help as many people as I can.

Follow me on instagram! I'll follow back @leslie_noblee12 (also my twitter) Got a snapchat, facebook and kik as well. Someone really should be my internet friend. That would be so rad ;) I honestly don't think anyone is still reading this but if you are, stay beautiful.

Eye Color: Brown
Complexion: Medium
Undertone: Warm
Skin Type: Dry, Sensitive, Combination
Hair Color: Red
Hair Texture: Dry, Coarse


???Face wash- OXY Maximum Action with 10% benzoyl proxide which is a high amount and is very drying. But my acne is from my oily skin so this works best for me. My other medication was prescribed and it's a really long name but I'll just say seeing a derm saved my life.
??? Hair color- WAS loreal hicolor in deep auburn red and red hot. WILL BE loreal hicolor in magenta and red. I love this brand. It's not pricey until you get all the stuff needed for red hair -_- haha feel free to ask me any questions!
Fyi, i love seeing peoples hair transformations so literally post your pictures on my profile to entertain me please!
??? Age- yeaaah no. it doesn't matter ;)
??? I am taken by the most wonderful boyfriend in the world (2 years now)
??? As of make up routine, I don't wear any face products but I have tried some so I do review once in awhile. I usually use eyeliner and mascara and the occasional neutral eyeshadows. I'm actually on the hunt for a new eyeliner and mascara so if you have any recommendations, lemme know.
??? As of hair, I'm on a budget with hair products but I use a lot of garnier fructis, biotera, redkin, hairtrition, suave, pantene, john frieda, and the riveting reds line for my hair color.
??? yeaaaah ask me more questions! I have nothing else to say.