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Sep 03, 2015

Samantha L.

Thank you ☺️ its ion brilliance azure and ion brilliance aqua, equal parts of both.

Aug 05, 2015

Alyx T.

I just looked it up, and it's based on veggie dye but isn't. Like ion or splat. It'd basically what they use in salons. (This is from my notes for when people ask in the talk section soon sorry if it doesn't quite fit lol)
Splat, raw, and ion are chemically made, so they can be drying, you can still leave it on for hours, its not damaging it's just a bit drying. Like using a crappy shampoo and conditioner. These ones are more likely to stain, so if you plan on changing colors I'd stick to veggie dye. I don't recommend any chemically made dye though, it's most likely to stain making it impossible to get our (this doesn't mean it lasts longer, just that you'll always have a ____ color tint to your hair) and it can be hard to use for beginners since it's very thick and hard to get even if you aren't used to it. It also has zero conditioning agents in it, because it's not a true veggie dye lie manic panic, special effects etc.which is veggie pigment and conditioner, ion is chemically made pigment and preservatives to make it last in the tube longer.

But remember what works for someone else may not work for you, like punky colors only lasts a couple washes for me but some people get weeks and weeks out of it.

Aug 05, 2015

Alyx T.

I've never heard of the brand sorry! But honestly as long as it's a veggie dye, its fine. It may not last long or be super pigmented, but it won't harm the hair.
As for the conditioner thing, is your purple blue based? That can cause it to fade to green. I know it's weird lol. But unfortunately if that's the color it's goes there's not much you can do about it. Maybe try leaving it on longer or adding more dye? I'm not really sure. Also make sure your conditioner is white. And that's it's mixed really well, and that you are getting it into all the hair. I like to "pancake" my hair in between my hands while flat and wiggle the conditioner down the hair, if that makes sense. Then I just slather it on and continue that all over my hair in little sections. But if it's not mixed properly or its not being spread evenly it will cause some unevenness. Another thing, if it's to much Hassle in the shower, put a bit more dye in a bowl of conditioner, put it on before all over your head, wait 15 minutes then shower as usual, shampooing and everything. When it's only a little bit of dye with a lot of conditioner it won't do so much color change it'll just replace what's fading

Jun 27, 2015

Tessandra R.

No problem Love! Glad I could help! :)

Jun 17, 2015

Alyx T.

I don't think there's a way unfortunately! I have very fast growing hair too, and I only bleach my hair twice a year, but because hair grows unevenly I don't think you'll get a line. I never have at least. If that happens just switch up your part :) side parts hide roots better than middle parts

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