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And the winner is...

I got NW43 after I took NW48 back. The NW48 was off by a country mile. I could tell in the dark that it was all wrong. I feel that the SAs that work for MAC don't listen nor see well. I went back and they swatch this one and NW45. NW 45 was too orange. I settled for the NW43. This powder seen to absorb into the skin. I can't tell that I am wearing it. This is the powder that I wear almost daily. I have a 5 minute face and I use this powder. I am very oily and it does nothing for the oil. I just have to blot. Overall, I am very satisfied. One thing that I notice is that it neutralizes red. I have areas on my face that are red and wearing this powder makes them invisible.

  • 7.5
Good Product

I purchased this product because I didn't have a decent foundation. The one that I had been using was too dark and I had to use it sparingly. I tested this in 8.0. I loved it except it was too dark. This product oxidizes on me terribly. I later got a sample of the 7.5. This one turned out to be true. It matches very good. I have very oily skin and as far as shine is concerned I still have to work with that. Overall, it is very doable. This product oxidizes so, if you are a perfect match when you put it on and at the end of the day it turns orange or dark then you may want to go up a shade. I would advise getting as many samples as it take to find your color because at the end of the day you are spending your money.

This eyeshadow primer is very good. It helps to keep shadow from creasing. It is a good price because a little goes far. I like it. I like it. I like it. I like it.