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Eh I'm on the fence about this one. I'm completely in LOVE with the color (cubby) no doubt about that. But for a good Brand of lipstick I expect good EVERYTHING from the product. The application was gritty and it balled up on my lips, it skipped and dragged while applying as well. My lips are soft and yes... I do use a good lip scrub and lip balm. It's workable but expect to take extra time to get your lips perfected when using this lipstick. The color is breathtaking! Make my teeth twice as white!

Too Dark

Ive got brown skin and usually go for the 2nd shade or whatever is offered for tan skin. I thought that the first shade would be for fair skin and the third shade for African-American skin-tones or darker shades. So I guess when I picked the medium tone I couldn't go wrong! Not the case. It's way too dark for my light brown skin! I still give the highlight a great rating because it's a awesome highlight! It's just not my shade. For reference I'm Filipina and have the typical Asian brown skin. I hope they can come out with a few more shades because I'm not so sure the other two colors would work out for me.

Gorgeous Polish!

Wow this polish far exceeded expectations! It's a very beautiful nude caramel beige as described and looks wonderful against my light brown skin tone (I'm half Filipino and half white). This would also look great on olive skin tones and and darker tones although very Snow White pale skin tones may want to opt for the lighter nudes Smith & Cult offers. But that's just my opinion! This went on opaque after the applying the 2nd coat and it's worth a mention that this polish dried really really fast! Less than 10 minutes fast! Very important for me because I'm a mom of 3 kids and don't have time to sit around blowing on my nails lol. It's true to the color on the picture shown here on this site except the description leaves out that it has a very small amount of purple/pink iridescent sparkle throughout the beige. It's seen in bottle and when you paint it on your nails but it's very hard almost impossible to detect once it dries down. Also it has held up wonderfully without chipping for several days without any topcoat applied! I'm impressed so much that I'm buying another color today!

Best blush brush EVERRRRR

Best blush brush I've ever tried in my entire joke. I'm constantly switching and trying new and different brushes for all types of applications and this brush is the only one (besides beauty blender) I consistently use with every makeup application! Also the only brush I've not switched in 3 straight years now. I tried a different brush because I traveled and I hated having to use my travel brush every just reminds me more of how much I love love love this brush! It applies blush with ease and does the blending for you, making even hard to blend products easier to deal with.The brush itself is light and easy to handle and hold. The synthetic hairs are very soft and have no odor to them. It's easy to clean and doesn't take ages to dry. It doesn't shed even after all the washes I've put it through. The hairs don't get stained by the makeup and easily wash off even after being on the used brush for a few days. I'm impressed! Holds up very well after 3 years of regular use. Also, for how awesome this brush is, the price is very affordable! I'm going to buy a new one here soon just to put away so when this one finally wears out I won't be without my favorite blush brush.I'm scared they may not have this exact brush anymore and I would just breakdown without it. So yeah, I definitely recommend this brush and have nothing but good things to say about it!


Wow this is a wonderful highlight! I actually am surprised because I thought in the pan that it appeared to glittery but I was wrong! It smooths out so nicely over my mature skin and draws NO attention to any lines or wrinkles (im 37) . It is powder but also slightly creamy to touch. Great for my drier skin. I have tan Asian skin and think the medium is perfect especially for my tan summers but I'm leaning towards the light shade for my paler skin in winter. Either way I can make both shades work. The amount you get for 38$ is good too! Was expecting a tiny compact like Becca does but I was surprised how much product was in there and the mirror is big and excellent quality too! I'm definitely repurchasing once I hit pan! New holy grail and that's saying a lot because I've been using another brand for 3yrs now. Love this highlight!!!

I wasn't loving this shade against my skin tone. I have a couple of Jeffrey's shades and this is the first one that didn't look good on me. The performance is great and it wears wonderfully so this review is only down a few stars because the color looks off on me and therefore is not a universal color. I have the exact same skin tone as beauty blogger Sammage (Sam) and wear all the same foundation shades as her as well. So if you have my skin tone I'd advise against this shade and go for the shade Leo! That one looked fantastic against my light brown skin tone. I get tons of compliments whenever I wear it!

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Wow! It works!

I have lifeless damaged hair that I thought nothing would work. I had tried just about every shampoo and conditioner out there. So I thought why not one more? Wow was I surprised! I've seen amazing results in just literally ONE washing!!!! Softer, fuller, bouncier hair that I thought I would never see again! Nothing short of amazing! I can't stop touching my hair and where I would only wash my hair once a week I actually look forward to washing and conditioning now! I love this stuff and absolutely recommend.

Invaluable Tool!

I am so happy Z-Palette finally came out with a Depotting tool all their own! Gone are the days of using my nice tweezers to pry open eyeshadow and/or blush pots. Now I have a tool especially for the job and it does the job well. I'm Very happy with my Depotting spatula. Now if only Beautylish would restock them so I can gift 1 to my friend!


Love this brush for crease shadow application and effortless blending. So soft and no loss of hairs when using brush or washing brush itself. Great for hooded eye gals such as me because it's just the right size for the job and perfect for us sensitive skin gals since the brush hairs are so incredibly soft that it there's no tugging on skin or scratching by course hairs. It makes application of makeup a joy! I love this brush so much that I'm now interested in purchasing the whole set.

Feels Good

I just finished my package. Not sure I believe in the instant results claim but I definitely like the feeling it gives my tired eyes. A nice tingling feel. It's easy to apply and remove. Doesn't stink. I just feel it's more a luxury than necessity.

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