Beauty Product Reviews

Maintained healthy skin!

With all the skin products available that claim to clean and maintain healthy skin, this is one of my favorite. Very little needed. I rub it onto my face well, add a bit of water to lather it up, and then rinse. Never had a single breakout on my skin since I've used it. Highly recommend.

Works fantastic, may make skin dry

This product really took all of the dirt out of my pores and made my skin feel so soft and evened out. However, in the dryer months (I live in the Midwest), I felt like it left my skin dry and so I had to use lotion to prevent my skin from flaking. Would recommend but follow the directions. Only use once, maybe twice a week.

Not fantastic but not useless either

Of the few dry shampoos that I've tried, this is the best but I believe there are better. It helps for the first day after I've showered but anymore than that and it makes my hair greasy and weighs it down. I mostly use it on my bangs.

Lightweight and always perfect

I've used so many different types of face makeup that don't match my skin tone, undertone, were too cakey, too drippy, etc. Nothing really stood out. I love Almay Smart Shade because it ALWAYS evens out my skin tone and blends my into my skin perfectly without any noticeable sign of wear. Very lightweight and doesn't irritate my skin.