Nutritioniste Skin Renew Resurfacing 3-Way Cleanser

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Julianne J.
Great way to edge into masks/exfoliants

I'm no stranger to exfoliators and cleansers, but I am to masks. I got this because I was wondering if the mask aspect of the product would be something of interest. I like that this is a three in one, although the cleanser and exfoliator steps are pretty much the same- although to exfoliate, I guess you could add some more and scrub more, as opposed to when you cleanse. This has a nice creamy consistency and the beads aren't harsh and sharp like the St. Ives scrubs. The mask aspect is kinda nice because you can leave it on and let it dry (almost a chalky consistency) while you brush your teeth/do other things in your morning routine. I like that the tube is sorta see through so you can see how much product you have left. I like the scent because its the same as the scent used in their Moisture Rescue Line- consisting of 3 products I have liked/used in the past. It does leave my skin feeling clean, not tight or dry. Aside from the animal testing/beads bad for your skin thing, its a nice cleanser and you get a lot for a low price.

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Kassandra Z.

It's a really great product, and leaves your face feeling fresh ! but my face did burn if i left it as an exfoliating scrub, so I would recommend using it as a daily cleanser instead !

Kelly  G.
Works fantastic, may make skin dry

This product really took all of the dirt out of my pores and made my skin feel so soft and evened out. However, in the dryer months (I live in the Midwest), I felt like it left my skin dry and so I had to use lotion to prevent my skin from flaking. Would recommend but follow the directions. Only use once, maybe twice a week.

Ken B.
Not cruelty free

First of all, I have used this before and It's awful. It leaves a film on your face after I used it. The micro beads are PLASTIC!! People needs to know how bad it is to rub plastic peaces all over your face. Your much better of with polished stones, salt, sugar or bamboo.

Also, they test this product on animals and THOUSANDS of them are killed during and after the procedure. As a cruelty-free, skin product addict, I do NOT recommend this product.

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