Beauty Product Reviews

Summer Perfection

I always steer towards these colors in summer and I can't stop wearing this blush. It's just perfect !!! I LOVE Becca blushes and now need to add snapdragon and many more !!!

So versatile and amazing.

WAYNE !!!!! If you are out their ......PLEASE PLEASE bring this brush back. I need another one cause its my Excalibur of brushes! I use it for so many different applications and cant ever turn away from it


You look flawless after using these. ESPECIALLY the #10!!! I cant say enough good things about this. These of course are very soft and I love that they clean easily. I cant live without Wayne Goss brushes now

A totaly must if you have brushes

Ok! this is so cool for cleaning brushes! Not much to say except super easy and a MUST if you own make up brushes. All my family will be getting this for X-Mas.

Pigment has met it's match !!!

I use this brush like the E55 from Sigma to apply shimmer and pigment to the whole eye lid and its sooooo smooth. Its perfect for this application and picks up the product amazing. If you love pigment you will love this brush.

Better than the E40

Ok I was a total Sigma addict till this brush. I own 3 and gave one to my mom. She called to tell me, it was the softest brush she had ever used and liked it so much I ordered her two different brushes from the eye collection. This is literally like the E40 on steroids!!! In my opinion its the best brush in the entire collection next to the duo fiber face brush and the Holiday brush (which seriously needs to be re-released cause its the most amazing face brush EVER.)

Best Eye Pencil Brush EVER!!!!

Ok I loved this so much I ordered two. It literally is the softest eye pencil brush there is. it doesn't feel like its stabbing you in the eye. Blends really nicely . a total must have.

My dream brushes

Ok to start I know these are a little pricey, but if you were buying Mac you would be spending more. Second, these are the Porche GT of make up brushes. So soft, so perfect and create absolutly flawless finishes. I will definatly be getting a second set. CAN'T wait for more.