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Beauty Product Reviews

Dries out easily...

The shatter nail polish gives a great effect, but I find that it dries out so easily. You can't leave the cap of the product because the product on the brush will dry out and crackle itself. Also, sometimes I am not happy with the effect it gives (but know that I am a perfectionist) I recommend buying a drugstore version of this because this product will not last long....

A fabulous blush!

I really love the nars blush! I have Orgasm and it's such a gorgeous sparkly color!! I love it so much <3 I think that this blush is perfect for teenagers and great for older women who want a pop of color and golden sparkle to make their look pop!

Fabulous base for all lip products!

The EOS lip balm is fabulous! I personally own 4 and can't get enough of them. These are a staple item in my collection and I love them. I did receive two of them but I bought two more with my own money because I love them so much. I totally recommend this product to anyone at any age :) I hope this review was helpful. *I found the photo online*