Taylor S.

Location: Missouri

I'm not like them but I can pretend.

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About Me

Hey! My name is Taylor and I am 13. I'm obsessed with all things beauty! I love to give advice about fashion, make-up and nail polish. I admit that I'm not a professional, but I'm learning all that I can! Thanks for following! Please follow me on Pinterest, I'd like to hit 500 by the end of the year. @taylorofficialx Also check out my beauty blog! Link is listed here on my page! :)

A little more personal stuff about me. I'm a Christian. I'm a California girl. I am an ARIANATOR <3 and MOTAVATOR <3. Big time. I hope to one day start a beauty channel on YouTube.

Stay gorgeous!

Eye Color: Blue
Complexion: Light
Skin Type: Normal
Hair Color: Blonde
Hair Texture: Normal
Birthday: May 08
Age: 22