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you have all your basic brushes here! i used these brushes for a while since i did not even need the full-sized one. although i did get a full-sized foundation and powder brush lol get it to go in a cute little case - perfect for traveling!


Your eyes will not sting! WOOHOO! I love that the scent is not overwhelming as well - it's refreshing. You will feel refreshed. But do wash your face too! do not just use these wipes to remove your makeup.

HERE'S A TIP: if you are removing eye makup, cut the sheets up into half or even quarters. if you are removing your entire makeup, go ahead and use a whole sheet (;

if you don't have foundation...

this is the item to use! if you are in a hurry and want to use a quick fix, you will love this little product! i also use this item to focus on any skin imperfections! use your concealer brush to apply because it is a mini item (;

i use this powder after i apply my foundation BUT i do not like the chalkiness. I use it a couple of times, but I use a different brand for my powder. this powder is great for people with normal skin - with my combo skin, i used to use this powder to get rid of any shine, but it just made me look weird...

another great summertime item

I use this when i am too lazy to put on foundation and concealer. this makes my face look refreshed and awake! woohoo! just swipe on mascara and you are good to go! what i do love about this product is that it is a tinted moisturizer with SPF so you feel protected. ALSO, it is great for those who are just experimenting with makeup or who are not big makeup fans - this "foundation" will not scare you!

I use foundation a lot because I hide my dark circles and such. But this is the first foundation that I felt light and comfortable in! I did not feel like there was a huge weight on my face, and I didn't feel like I wanted to wipe it off two seconds after i applied it. My cousin loved it as well - she thought i wasn't wearing foundation at all!

BUT HERE'S A TIP: use the sponge application to mark the areas you want to work on, then use your own foundation brush or sponge to apply it. I do not use the sponge applicator because it looked a little weird to me lol and to get more foundation out of the bottle, SHAKE IT! (:

you are glowing + bronze!

You do NOT look orange! YES - lovely results, eh? Although I am a big fan of Glowdacious, Bronze Pro is my go-to bronzing powder. Like the glowdacious, just apply sparingly and you have a nice and healthy glow! AND you do not look orange (like what some self-tanning items or makeup items will do to you).


I am depply in love with scanda-lash! I love that it is a hookup - you can bring it with you anywhere (NOTE: if you buy two hookup products, you get a hookup connector for free... just saying! lol). I normally curl my lashes before i apply my mascara, but for this you do not have to! swipe on two coats of this baby, and you have voluminous lashes!

summertime favorite

THIS is my go-to summertime item! Lipgloss gets sticky and I use lipstick for fancy events. So this tinted lip balm is PERFECT! it has the lip balm power with SPF & it has a bit of color for something chic - LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have this in totally sweet (which is a pale pink & shimmer color), totally bare (perfect for natural skin tones), and totally cute (which has a bright pink tint to it). it looks like a balm, and it acts like one! say 'no' to sticky lips in the summertime!

I just love lip click. I was never a big fan of lipstick, so i decided to try this one just for fun. I have it in bare hug, sweetie pie, and coral fixation! I love how easily it glides onto your lips. You can mix it up with different lip glosses and it doesn't look tacky!

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