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Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect for my eyeshape, lids and lashline

The pro eye set has the same superb quality as to SoniaG’s other brushes. Super soft but efficient hair. Stunning lightweight handles. And the brush heads are a perfect size and fit to apply products on the lids and lashline. This set makes it super easy to apply eye makeup like a pro. The builder pro picks up a lot of product, but applies the pigment with no fall outs. Blender pro blends softly and efficiently making me feel like a pro. Crease pro is perfect for my creaseless lids, applies pigment as if I have one. The pencil pro applies and smudges the pigment on my lashline with one swipe. The worker pro is an all-around brush, great as a laydown brush as well as a blending brush. As always, Sonia created another set of brushes that makes ordinary non pro makeup lovers like myself enjoy applying makeup like a pro 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

HG Glitter Base

This is my first glitter base/glue and I don’t need to look for anything better because this is it for me.

I’m in love. It’s so easy to use, no learning curve at all AND most importantly, didn’t ruin my eye brushes.

Aside from using it as a base, I tried it as a top coat for my metallics and it worked! My metallic eyeshadow didn’t budge and transfer (I have hooded lids) and the glitter base kept the metallic shine of my eyeshadow throughout the day (I live in a humid country).

Elegant, Heavenly, Efficient

I just used the Sonia G. set for the first time for my NYE makeup. I only used her brushes to test it out. First her Eye brushes. For reference, I have the East Asian hooded lids.. a tiny small lower lid and flat-monolid looking upperlid. I found her Builder 01 to be short and small and perfect fit for my inner and outer lids. And even if it’s small, it really picks up alot and packs on the shimmers and metallics of my Natasha Denona palettes. It’s very precise brush. I used it to apply Golden Rose on the center of my lid and Smoky Plum on the outer corner and no fallouts. The Worker 01 took sometime getting used to, it’s so dense! But it made my eyeshadow look well blended..seamless in 4 swipes! I also used it for all overlid application and that was the fastest application. The Crease One.. I used it for laydown application of on my “crease” (actually my socket) to add a subtle pop on the edges of my lid color, perfectly blends upon application. The Pencil 01... wow! The softest-not a single strand pokey feeling-pencil brush! It picked up Natasha Denona duo chrome and metallics and applied in a precise but diffused edges way on my lowerlashes. It’s a fool proof brush. No powder was left on the brush, it’s all on my lower lashline and compliments the famous pigmentation of my Natasha Denona palette. Now for the face brushes, Base One has become an HG in one use. I used it to blend my concealer for my blemishes and to apply my cream foundation. My base makeup looked blended, well buffed and even. No streaks on this brush plus it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. The Sculpt 01 made me not get scared with my one and only never been used just swatched bronzer. Sculpt 01 applied the matte bronzer with diffused look that looks just right not over the top contouring. Sculpt 03 is the best highlighter brush I have ever used as well as for soft contour on the side of my nose bridge. The two fan brushes are very efficient. 2 swipes and done. The face two fits well on the apples of my cheeks, 2 swipes on my SUQQU 06 blush pan and then two pats my cheek and done. Don’t get me started on the handles. I can’t get over them. It’s the most elegant classy handles ever. The subtle 3D lacquer with golden shimmers.. All in all, these brushes are not only beautiful, soft and well crafted, they are extremely efficient as well. I savored using each one of the brushes to the point that I used 8 seamlessly blended colors on my lids and just petting the brushes on my face even though I’m long done. I apply makeup like the Koreans, Japanese and Chinese beauty gurus do, but with the bold colors of western makeup. Not bold transforming makeup but more on complementary to my features with a pop of colors to make things interesting and fun. These brushes works best for my application needs and the products I favor using. P.S. On my final look, my mother, cousin and neighbors who are celebrating the NYE with me are impressed, thinks I have the skills of a pro mua and wants me to do their makeup from now on.

Amazing eyeshadow enhancer

I’ve only used it once, but I already find it amazing. It’s easy to use. It didn’t ruin my expensive brushes. And most of all, it made my metallic eyeshadow looked foiled and it stayed put. Easy to remove too!

I love this concealer! Conceals my blemishes well. And the shade is a perfect match on my skin that I can use this alone to cover my blemishes and skip foundation.

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A little goes a long way! If the right amount is used, there’s no creasing at all. And I’m 33 that loves to smile and laugh. Next time, I’ll have to pick no.1 as no.2 is a bit darker on me. I took a star a way only because I haven’t gotten the hang of using the pen.. I don’t know how many times to turn the bottom to get the product out. For sure once or twice isn’t enough. Then I get impatient and turn it again for how many times then a lot will come out.

Best Eyeshadow Base for shimmers

Love this ND eyeshadow base! It replaced my hg primer! I can use my softest laydown squirrel brush to apply Natasha Denona duo chrome and get a very pigmented color pay off when I use this base. I have recommended this to my friends but Light shade went oos.

I bought this mono shadow to try out the duo chrome formula of Natasha Denona... and I’m hooked!

Party Palette

This palette is amazing. Quality is top notch. I have puffy lids (hybrid of mono and hooded) so pinks and reds usually makes my lids look swollen but I was pleasantly surprised the fuchsia and red grape in this palette didn’t. It was really beautiful on my lids. So far I’m loving all my Natasha Denona purchases. Also, I can really trust Beautylish to make sure they ship quality assured products and they are properly packed. My Joya palette wasn’t broken, and I even turned it upside down to check if any of the pan/shde will fall off. None did. My palette arrived here in the Philippines intact! Great Job!