Beauty Product Reviews

I really love these blushes! They're beautiful colors, have awesome pigmentation, and amazing staying power. The packaging is really good too. It's definitely worth the money! If you're on the fence about them, go for it. You will not be disappointed! I think everyone should have at least one in their makeup collection(:

I like this powder. It goes on evenly and gives pretty good coverage. The little brush that comes with it apples really nicely but is way too short to grip well. The only thing I have any issue with is that it is a bit shimmery and can sometimes make you look over shimmery and shiny if you apply too much.

One of my favorite lipsticks! I bought it a few days ago and it is amazing. The color is beautiful and is definetly build able depending on the level of brightness you want. Also, it isn't really waxy or heavy as a lot of lipsticks are. I can't wait to get more colors!

I like this way better than any of my high end brand concealers. I usually use this under my eyes if I have dark circles and it does a wonderful job! Be careful though, a little goes a long way! The only minor issue I've had with it, is that it's a little difficult to blend sometimes but it's nothing too terrible.

This is by far the best "drugstore" liquid liner that I've ever tried. It's super dark and I don't have to go over it tons of times. It dries fairly quick too. The tip of the brush thing makes it really easy to control the thickness of your line. It also gives great control and is perfect for wings!

I bought this because I went on vacation and forgot my regular liner. I gotta say, I don't really get all the hype. For the price, it's okay. I really don't like it though. It's incredibly thin and takes forever to dry! I find myself having to apply two or three coats to make it really opaque. The applicator gives very little control and isn't very good for winged eyeliner.