Beauty Product Reviews


I love Fabulips!!! When my lips are chapped, they are instantly moisturized and soothed as soon as I apply the conditioner. I keep it in my purse for touch ups through out the day if necessary.


Personally, I do not see anything profound about this little diddie, sorry! I've used it maybe 5x since I purchased it and I'm not amazed. I like the scrub although I already that prior to purchasing the gadget and I was fine with using the scrub and a toothbrush.


I bought this mainly to see if would help with my eczema flare ups since the weather is so hot and it works like a charm!!!! I also use it for chapped lips and its amazing. I will definitely be purchasing more of this product!!


Not as a great of a product as I had anticipated per the reviews. This is yet another product that leaves a white crumb like residue all over my face.

Thumbs down

I was unable to utilize this as a complete system because it no matter how sparingly I applied it one product and let it dry before applying the next, I ended it with white crumb like residue all over my face!!

An OK Product

The Steep Clean is a really nice cleaner (for me) but as far as clearing up blemishes which is a major issue for me, it did nothing basically. I am upset that I spent as much as I did on it and it did not clear up my blemishes.