Steep Clean 15-Minute Facial


LaTonia W.
An OK Product

The Steep Clean is a really nice cleaner (for me) but as far as clearing up blemishes which is a major issue for me, it did nothing basically. I am upset that I spent as much as I did on it and it did not clear up my blemishes.

Jenny M.
Feels good, noticing small improvements

I've only used this mask twice so far, but I love how it leaves my face feeling. I have oily-combination skin and it seems like no matter what product I use, my face slicks up about half an hour after cleaning. The clean feeling I got from this lasted much, much longer. I used it before going to bed and noticed my face feeling fresher and looking much cleaner. I'm looking forward to using this product more and seeing the progress.

Ashley C. Team
One of the best masks I've ever tried!

After using this product, my face was sooo soft and smooth. It completely refreshed, exfoliated and brightened my skin, without drying it out. Usually other masks make my face super dry after application because I have sensitive skin. Also, it reduced a lot of my redness and instantly stopped my breakouts!

Missy K.
I wanted to HATE it

I so badly wanted to hate this product because of the price tag! but I just can't! With my super sensitive and acne prone skin most face masks just make my problems worse. This is hands down the BEST facial mask product I have ever used, including the ones that have been used on me by professionals.

I will say that I personally did not get any pore size reduction, but what I do get is super, soft refreshed skin. After using this product there is absolutely no dead skin left on my face. My face is soft and even though I use a moisturizer after this, I don't think its necessary.

Stephanie L.
Powerful little miracle!

This stuff is much more intense than your normal face mask. You can feel this bad boy diggin way down deep in your pores. It's the most refreshing mask I've ever tried and when I run out I'll be back for more. It really leaves my skin looking amazing and polished after I wipe it off after letting a hot washcloth sit over the mask for a minute. Follow it with my usual toner and moisturizer and my skin looks great. AWESOME to use before a night out or special occasion.

Viki G.
You have to try it!

I'm always looking for that special product, that gives you a a look like i just walked out of a spa look... well I've found it! it may have taken me years, and who knows how much money I have wasted on expensive useless products. since I have bought this and the mini microdermabrasion pads I next to never have to go get a facial anymore. I have really sensitive skin and now hyperpigmentation due to over doing it in the tanning booths. this mask smells so good, and its easy to use! best thing ever! it really is Bliss... lol!

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Kelly O.
you can feel it working

This mask is AWESOME! I love that there are two pumps that you mix together. The product comes out evenly and easily from each pump. Because of the enzymes, you can really feel it tingling!! It's also very cooling and refreshing. After removing the mask, my skin felt soft, smooth, and bright. The next day, my pores even appeared smaller and my make up went on better than normal. This mask is super effective at clearing skin while not drying it out!