Fabulips Treatment Kit

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Robin L.
Nice Set of Products

This is an amazing value altogether. I chose it because I was wanting to completely change up my entire lip routine. Top to bottom. Quality grouping of staple products. Nothing fancy, but very effective. Completely healed my dry, chapped lips within a matter of days. Completely healed. The exfoliator is a bit coarse and the taste isnt great. But it does work. Definitely recommend. Especially with colder weather coming soon.

LaTonia W.

I love Fabulips!!! When my lips are chapped, they are instantly moisturized and soothed as soon as I apply the conditioner. I keep it in my purse for touch ups through out the day if necessary.

Cece T.
Like it a lot!

I use these products for my nightly routine so I exfoliate my lips with the lip exfoliate product and then cleanse my lips and sometimes I don't use everything in the package but its definatly good products

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Nikole M.
love these products

I'm a huge fan of bliss body products not so much skincare so wasnt in a rush to try these however I did & I love them. They are really good to use to prime for lipstick. The gloss is a little to sticky and to shiney for me.

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