Beauty Product Reviews


I bought these at work cause baby wipes just weren't cutting it anymore and these were almost the only ones in a 30 pack(I have ocd, everything has to be in even numbers). I was amazed at how well they work and how clean my face felt, I work third shift sometimes I'm too tired when I come home to properly wash my face but I have to. with these I can go right to bed after a quick rinse of water. I have repurchased them and I will continue to do so!

Waste! Did not work!

I got this at work, and I was pretty excited Cause I have a lot of redness and it said it would help with that. A) it did not help cover the redness B) it had a funky smell C) it made me more oily, there for my makeup slid off. Huge disappointment, don't wast your time or money.


I have three of them so I couldn't pick one shade, they are amazing! They last on your lips, the colors are awesome, and they have a nice minty scent to them. definitely want more.

Love, P.F never disappoints

I always loved physicians formula, and I always loved that they have matte bronzers. I saw this one on a YouTube channel and I had to have it, especially since I started hitting pan with my previous bronzer (also by physicians formula) . I love them they are buildable, so you can be light, medium, or dark.

love it!!! organix addict :-)

It has dried out my hair like others have, my hair feels super soft and looks shiny! It might work so well for me because I use certain shampoos and conditioners from organix, but I love it and would continue to purchase and recommend it!

Addicted :)

The first one I got as a sample through work because it was a 'hot new item', it was Cotton Candy and as soon as I used it I fell in love. It made my lips feel so soft and it gave them a nice color, I am trying to collect all of them. Red Velvet is my favorite so far, it gives my lips subtle color or intense depending how I apply it. Definitely a must have!