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Shimmer Shadow - Soft & Easy to Use

If you love shimmer shadow, then this product is for you!

For this specific color palette, the colors work just as well together as they do individually. They are very easy to blend and and look great if they are applied with eye shadow primer that has some sheen to it as well (such as Greed or Sin eyeshadow primer from Urban Decay -- since both primers have gold/bronze hues, they really allow the shadow to completely blend against the skin nicely).

I would suggest these shadows if you're going for a soft look that's easy to blend looks more natural.

If you're looking for a sharper look, these wouldn't be a good match. However you can use the lighter shade as an eyebrow contour with other eye shadows as well as using them on your cheeks/face if you want to add some shimmer

The sun and certain lights beautifully illuminate the eye due to the shimmer embedded in to the shadow.

Greed vs Sin

This is my favorite shade so far. Greed is a great primer is you are into shimmery shadows. It allows you to prime your eye, and still be able to play with lighter shades that have more a shimmery look, and work into darker eye shadows that you can blend. Sin is great too, it's just a little more bronze, and I find that if your really trying to contour your eyebrows, Greed is a great tool for that. Greed and Sin also work great as a tandem. Sometimes If I'm going to work from a light shade to a darker brown/black, I will use Greed for the inner corner of my eye as well as underneath my eyebrow, and then use Sin for the outer half of my lid where I will apply the darker shadow. That works great too!

This powder works a great overlay after using Inglot's creme foundation. I use shade 23 for their creme foundation and then apply YSM's pressed powder on top when I'm finished. The foundation is sheer and light weight and the YSM powder sets well on top of this foundation creating a beautiful, natural looking finish. These items are LONG lasting and STAY on ALL day :) Love them.

  • 23

I use Inglot's cream foundation on a daily basis. A little goes a long way and this product is great for people who want more of a sheer/natural look. I have lighter olive skin (being italian) but I also have freckles all over my face. I was constantly looking for a foundation and a pressed powder due that I could combine yet still have that natural look.

I highly recommend this foundation if your looking for something that feels lighter on your skin and I would suugest pairing this specific shade with the YSM pressed powder, Shade 44. The creme foundation works well the powder and almost works as a primer for the pressed powder as well.

Lastly why I really LOVE this product, is because you will never find that it looks blotchy on your skin by the end of the day. Long lasting wear and always STAYS EVEN on your face.

  • Sin

Beautiful! Can even throw a little on before going to the beach with a little mascara. Also works great in tandem with the jumbo shadow pencils from Sephora's line. There is no creasing and helps the color's stay fresh!

I love Inglot's eye shadows, blushes, foundation, and pressed powders!

They're eye shadows are SO easy to Blend which I love! I also love the shimmer/shine that they add into their shadows. They are powdery, but my eye make up lasts all day/night and the pigmentation is great :).

For the prices, you really can't beat it.