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Beauty Product Reviews

Feels cheap for the price, cheaper and better alternatives on the market

The mirror I received felt cheap and was defective, thankfully beautylish has an excellent return policy and amazing customer service.

I do feel that the product is overpriced for the quality, especially as it does not have features or groundbreaking technology exclusive to this mirror in particular. You can also tell the plastic on the mirror is very flimsy and I do not see it holding up well overtime. I’d recommend looking at other products in the same market that are less costly.

This is my first beautylish return.

The perfect fall palette #4 Dark Mattes

I have most of the Viseart eyeshadow palettes at this point and this one is probably my second favorite right after Neutral mattes. I'm reviewing this one specifically because it's fall and I feel like this is going to be a popular purchase this time of year for that reason.

The pigmentation of each shadow is incredible, especially for the orange shadows which are usually poorly done in many palettes and individual shadows. There is no scent to these shadows, the milling of them is very fine which creates excellent color payoff and blend-ability. I don't stress about fall out with these shadows with or without a primer because they're so excellent. I have had absolutely no fallout with any of the viseart palettes I own and they're pigmented enough that I sometimes don't wear one.

All viseart palettes in my experience are very buttery and true to color in photos and swatches. What you're seeing online is very much what you're getting. The packing of these are very no-frills, I actually enjoy this because I feel like so many companies put so much effort into cute packing rather than the product. These shadows will last throughout the day and will look amazing in your photos as well. They are also made in ridiculously small batches which means the quality control is crazy, you are almost guaranteed to not get a "dud." This comforts me because this company really cares about bringing you the best product.

In regards to the price, it seems steep until you take into consideration how much you'll actually use these palettes. You can easily do a look with almost any of these palettes without having to grab another palette. How frustrating can it be in the morning when you're digging around with three or four palettes to complete a look? You also have to take in account that each shadow is fairly deep and large, they work out to be $6.67 per shadow which is an absolute steal. You're getting the best bang for your buck investing in these.

All in all, this product gets five stars. I doubt I'll use any of mine up in the next century since you need so little BUT if I do, I'm definitely repurchasing. There is nothing like these shadows on the market.

Only highlighter you'll ever need

My quick take seems like a bold claim, but hear me out!

I have over thirty highlighters in my collection from various brands, limited edition collections and sets that I've accumulated over the years. None of them come close to how smooth and gorgeous this powder is.

It gives you that look of fresh sunshine to your face without the obvious glitter that a lot of highlighters give off. It makes you look natural and radiant from within. It applies amazing both dry and with a bit of fix + on my brush for more of a bold look. No one will know you're wearing highlighter, everyone is going to think you're just glowing from within using this, trust me.

The product is small, but it is a luxury item. With how richly pigmented this is, I don't see myself running out for a year if not longer. It now comes in a velvet pouch which makes it extra chic.

This powder is worth every penny. If you're going to buy one luxury item, buy this.

There's a reason this was sold out for months everywhere...

This is one of the best powders on the market and is incredibly affordable. RCMA has been around forever, but has recently become a new must have product thanks to the access of highly talented MUAS on YouTube.

This is a no frills, truly no color powder that can be used on all skintones and all skintypes.

It will make your face stay matte throughout the day if this is the type of look you're going for and is excellent for baking if you are one that chooses to bake.

It's incredibly inexpensive with it being a 3 oz bottle compared to other powders IE Laura Mercier that is currently $38.00 for a 0.4 oz at the time of this review, it also works incredibly well.

If you're looking for a light reflecting powder, this isn't it. For that, I sing praises to the Cover FX Illuminating setting powder that you can buy directly on here or for my holy grail NARS translucent crystal light reflecting setting powder in the loose variety.

I hate to leave three stars...

Unfortunately, it has to be done.

Watermelon soda and Queen B. are the only formulations done well in this. I appreciate the colors of virginity, nude beach and 714 but virginity is incredibly streaky. I feel like Kat Von D's Reqiuem is a better choice if you're looking for a lilac.

I have the original 714 and this version so I can compare them. The old version was more liquidy; however, this version is still a liquidy mess. It doesn't apply well, gets in every crack and in your mouth and dries absolutely unevenly with the smallest layer applied.

Last nude beach is just a joke. The formulation seemed to be the best of the disappointing three in this, but the color pay off is extremely uneven. I tried it both straight out of the tube with the large doe foot and with my MAC 316. Was a no go both times.

I am giving this three stars as opposed to two because I've never seen a yellow work this well on lips. The formulation is amazing and this to me proves that yellow can be done well. It's very versatile and I see myself using it on the eyes in spring.

These are gorgeous colors, if anyone has found a way to make 714, nude beach and virginity work, please let me know.