Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Velour Liquid Lipstick Summer Bundle 2016


Gena D.
Amazingg purchase.
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Jeffree star lipsticks never fail to impress me. These ones, however, have a watermelon scent that is beyond amazing! But the best part of this purchase was how much time and effort Beautylish puts into creating an adorable, quick package. I will only buy Jeffree Star products from Beatuylish from now on!

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Victoria  H.
Love Jeffree but this one is a let down

I have always loved all my Jeffree products but sadly this was awful. I gave it two stars because the colors are beautiful. They are beyond streaky. Im going to try to give them some extra tlc and layers on layers to try to get them to work. I would return them if I didn't enjoy the colors. Hopefully I can get them to be wearable..

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Kristi H.
Four out of five isn't bad.

I love all of the colors with the exception of Queen Bee. I just can't pull off the yellow but I think it might work well mixed with other colors for an ombré effect. Also a note on Beautylish's customer service. One of the tubes didn't seal properly so was dried out. I emailed Beautylish and they immediately sent me a replacement. Best customer service ever.

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Azia S.
Love the colors, formula isn't up to par with his typical lipsticks

I've got about 8 Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks and I really like them. I've always said that he makes the best liquid lipstick formula out there and I love the packaging and applicator. The Summer '16 bundle is a let down though. The colors are cool but the formula just doesn't work. Queen Bee is thick and goes on streaky. To be fair though, yellow is notorious for being a difficult color to make work in cosmetics. Be it eyeshadow, lipgloss, or lipstick it's always patchy. 714 is streaky but I remember hearing that when it launched before and he mentioned that as well. Watermelon Soda goes on like a watercolor stain. It's very thin, sheer and uneven but becomes more opaque as it dries. Virginity was fine and I love Nude Beach. I think those two apply the most evenly. Neither was super wearable but you can make them work. I dunno. I was hoping to be blown away and I wasn't. *shrugs*

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Robbyn D.
Colors are too bright

I love my Unicorn Blood and I'm Nude, was super excited to buy those, even though there are swatches on youtube, but it is different on everyone. For me, I am not the type that returns stuff. You can always pass it on to a friend or family member, but the colors are too bright and teenager style IMO. I loved my Watermelon Soda, and although I found it to be very liquid, I did not experience any streaking. And it lasted all day. I really am looking forward to some fall colors, I guess.

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Magdalena G.

Absolutely adore Virginity and Watermelon Soda, but the other three were inconsistent, streaky, and not up to par with the rest of his liquid lips. Keeping two and returning the other three.

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Mary A.
Love "hate"kind of lippies

I love the smell of them and the durability, but just one of them is really streaky (714) Other than that is a very good product and I will most definitely recommend it.

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Hailey G.
Kinda streaky

All of them, but my virginity are streaky. But other than that I love them!! It's the first product I have bought from the Jeffree star line and I do really like them.

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Bronica P.
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Virginity , and nude beach were beautiful swatched on my hand , but on my lips they were a bit too pale for my skin. 714, Queen bee and watermelon soda was absolutley beautiful on the lips .

Surprisingly all these shades made my teeth appear much whiter than they are. These liquid lipsticks lasted all day for me .The only thing I didn't like was the "jolly rancher watermelon" fragrance , the smell made me a bit nauseous.

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Dixie S.

Didn't care for the colors, taste and mostly texture...something has changed and not for the better!

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